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Posted by gluemaster | Jul 31, 2011 @ 03:04 PM | 3,137 Views
Well I didn't force the issue of buying another plane while I was in Indiana but I'm OK with that. I found some things for the family and I to do during the rest of our stay there. Got back home last weekend and made some time to fly in front of the house with the Flashback before calling it a night. I got sick and was out of work all week but all seems to be OK right now and just ready to go back and start making money again. My brother was in town for the weekend and he and his wife finally got to see me fly some of my planes. We was diagnosed last November with Lou Gehrig's Disease and his health is failing fast. I need to find a JR buddy box or a battery for my JR XP662 so I can use it for one. He has lost most of the mobility in his left arm but he may have enough to operate the rudder so I'll have to see what happens. He has always been interested in model airplanes and did some control line stuff in the '70's when I was little but that's about it. I guess he really never got into the radio control side of it due to being in the Navy and always moving around. I'm going to try to spend as much time with him as possible and see if I can get him some stick time in and at least show him some fun while he still has mobility in his right side.
Posted by gluemaster | Jul 19, 2011 @ 04:34 PM | 5,529 Views
Well just hanging out in Terre Haute, Indiana and realize I should have tossed my UM P-51 in the van so I would have somthing to do. There are a lot of nice areas I could fly and I thought about it and didn't know if the box would take up too much room but looking back I could have made it fit. Now I don't know what to do. I may run over to Joe's Hobby Barn and pick up a plane to fly while I'm here and then sell it when I get back but I don't know if it will go over too well with the wife. Some of the other planes I have purchased lately were supposed to be sold but some how I have managed to keep all of them and I think she is starting to question my sanity. Oh well I'll just have to wait and see what happens in the next couple of days..
Posted by gluemaster | Jul 14, 2011 @ 10:15 AM | 3,412 Views
I took the Lancair out Saturday afternoon after the rain stopped and the wind died down. I lined it up, applied the throttle and up it went. About 3 feet above the ground the canopy blew off. I had forgotten to bring the Scotch tape with me to tape it on. I continued the flight without the canopy as I have done two times before, I just had to trim it up a little to compensate for the additional drag. I guess I'll have to fabricate a mount for the front of the canopy so it can hinge and put some type of lock on the rear of it to keep it down. Anyway it sure looks better with the new paint on it as it's flying by. I think the orientation is a little better with the darker color as well. I may put some decals on it to liven it up a little but I'm not sure.
Posted by gluemaster | Jul 05, 2011 @ 09:21 AM | 3,343 Views
So my Great Planes Lancair ES ep was one of my favorite planes. After I upgraded the power system it truely became a sweetheart to fly. I had decided a couple of years ago that I would one day like to change the color of the fuselage and wingtips. Well after a screwed up touch and go on Sunday, yesterday was the day. After I got the nose gear straightened out and the horizontal stab fixed I decided it was time to paint it. I had picked up three cans of Colors by Boyd made by Testors at Wal-Mart on clearance. Two cans of black and blue pearl and a can of grape pearl as those were the only ones they had left. I did like the color of the plane as it was but the Monokote on the top of the vertical stab was too dark and it didn't look right. I thought I was going to go completely over the top with the paint job. Turns out I decided that I would keep it simple. I started out with grape pearl on the cowl because I thought it would be close to the purple on the stab but it really wasn't much different than what was already on the plane so I decided on the black and blue pearl. I realy like how it turned out. I taped off the gold stripes on the fuselage and painted below them. Now there is a little more color. The original purple shows through between the gold stripes and the dark color has a nice contrast. If I hadn't have glued the wings on when I built it I probably would have installed the navigation lights I had on my Cessna.
Posted by gluemaster | Jul 03, 2011 @ 10:10 PM | 3,235 Views
I got the little Cub repaired during the week and couldn't wait to see how she flew. I charged up a battery last night and loaded up some planes in the truck to go fly this morning. When I got to the place where I fly, the Cub was the first one up. I was curious as to whether or not it would fly as good as it did before and I think it actually flies better. This may be due in part to the change in propeller. I was running an APC slow flyer 8x6 cut down to around 7 1/4 but since it got a little scuffed up I decided to change out the prop. I had a GWS 9060 prop and decided to try it out. After hooking up the watt meter up I was surprised to find out that it was only pulling around 8 1/2 Amps and my watts out were 92W. It looks like the amp draw decreased. Even though I went up quite a bit in diameter the blade width is decreased. This thing flies very nice. It seems like it has a little better pull off of the bottom and it cruises at a little lower throttle setting. Most of all the motor, speed control and battery should run a little cooler. I also flew the Flashback again. I meant to take an E prop with me to replace the slow flyer prop but forgot it on the bench. The last plane I flew this morning was the Lancair. It seemed to be flying fine as usual but the motor was surging so I landed it to check everything out. All seemed o.k. so I took off again and did a few touch and go's when on the last landing and roll it veered off to the right and caught the gutter and the edge of the grass. The right wing tip caught first and it spun the plane 180 degrees. As it spun around the horizontal stab caught the gutter and kinked it and it bent the nose gear. Now I have to repair the stab. While I have it down for repairs I may lay a fresh coat of paint on it. I have been wanting to paint it for a while now but have hesitated as I glued the wings on. I may just do it to make it look different.
Posted by gluemaster | Jun 28, 2011 @ 06:57 PM | 3,349 Views
I was going to go out Sunday morning to fly and possibly try to get my son on the buddy box but the battery in the slave transmitter was not holding enough of a charge to work as a buddy box so we didn't go out. I decided to cycle the battery a few times and it seems to be working o.k. for now. After about an hour the low batt warning starts beeping so I think it will work for now. After several hours of heavy rain and thunder storms the weather started to clear up so I started charging some batteries for the electric planes. I was ready to do a maiden on the Mountain Models Flashback that I picked up at an estate sale with some other planes and was taking out my Lancair and my little clipped wing Cub. The Flashback flew fantastic and it was the first time I have ever flown a pattern style aircraft. I think the battery is a little too heavy for it though so I may use a smaller one next time. Next I flew the Cub. As I was coming in to do a touch and go I tip stalled it, not enough power and too much elevator and down she went onto the asphalt. It cracked the wing tip and the fuselage and broke the right half of the elevator. She's almost repaired now so hope to do a remaiden soon. Here are a couple of pics of the Flashback and a couple of pics of the damage.
Posted by gluemaster | May 28, 2011 @ 11:48 AM | 3,473 Views
So this plane I got from my neighbor still had the electric motor and speed control in it and was originally a three channel plane. He modified the wing and added some ailerons but said the were pretty much ineffective so I figured since I was going to convert it to glow I would redo the ailerons and make some other changes. I'll get some pics up here in a bit. He has two of them, one with an OS 25LA and the other one with a 15LA. He says the 15 powered ship is very relaxing and the one with the 25 on it is a rocket, so I had a Thunder Tiger GP15 I was going to use but after I got everything installed to the point it would be ready to fly I was going to have to add an additional 6 oz of lead to the very end of the fuselage by the engine. Well after seeing how much it already weighed before the additional weight I decided to find a larger, heavier engine. I found a used K&B Sportster 28 at Grave's Hobbies in Orlando for a great price and decided it would probably work for what I wanted to do. After staying up until the wee hours this morning I finally had it ready to go. So I loaded up and headed for the place where I fly. I got the plane out, range checked it with my son's help and fueled it up. I fired it up, set the carb, taxied out and nailed the throttle. It took off rather quick and the climb out was really brisk. I got it trimmed out and flew around for a couple of minutes, did a couple of loops and rolls and then landed. I am only running a 3 oz tank in it and...Continue Reading
Posted by gluemaster | Nov 14, 2010 @ 11:01 PM | 4,047 Views
I finally got to do the maiden on this bird. After being gone most of the day it didn't look like I would get to do it today. We had to take some gifts to my father in law so he could mail them to my wife's aunt for her birthday and since we were going to be driving right by the place where I fly I snuck the Cub in the van along with the rest of my support equipment. I noticed the leaves on the trees were moving quite a bit but hoped the wind would die down long enough to get a flight in and it did. All I can say is WoW this thing flies fantastic. I still want to try another prop on it but this one worked fine. I'll try to post a video clip of it soon. Here is a short vid of the maiden. Sorry for the quality. I really need to get a good DVR.
The World Models Clipped Wing Cub EP (3 min 7 sec)

Posted by gluemaster | Nov 12, 2010 @ 07:51 AM | 3,841 Views
I stayed up late last night and finally finished it. I found a couple of decent side views of Cubs and made a step as close to scale looking as possible and I got the dummy cylinders finished and installed. Current draw on the power system is within reason and AUW is right around 21 ozs so it should fly ok. I'm still going to try and fly this thing this weekend.
Posted by gluemaster | Nov 11, 2010 @ 08:58 AM | 3,620 Views
Well I was kinda hoping for a maiden this weekend but it may have to wait. I have everything hooked up and working, just need to set the control throws. I still have to check the power system to make sure she'll have enough power and I also need to install the dummy cylinders. I will be using the ones from my Herr Cub but since there is only one side I need to make the other side and paint them. I am pretty happy with the overall quality of this model but I did make a few changes as seen in the photos. My latest addition are the supports going from the instrument panel to the bulkhead at the wing mount. I was going to add a step and a pilot but can't find any good pictures of a step and a pilot will make it too heavy.
Posted by gluemaster | Nov 09, 2010 @ 03:10 PM | 4,356 Views
Well hopefully the Cub will be ready for it's maiden this weekend. I just have to glue in the side windows, hook up the ailerons and run some power system tests. I may also try to make a scale looking step for the right side. I also made a couple of holes in the cowl in the stock location to help aid in cooling the motor. Here are a few more pics.
Posted by gluemaster | Nov 05, 2010 @ 01:23 PM | 3,717 Views
Well, I'm making a little progress. I tried to blend the vertical stab into the fuse, got the surfaces hinged and the servos installed just have to hook up the linkages for the surfaces. I may just have this thing airworthy this weekend depending on the power system. Here are a few more pictures.
Posted by gluemaster | Nov 03, 2010 @ 10:56 AM | 4,010 Views
I used the lightning bolts from my Herr kit as they seemed to be closer to the right size and will be using the larger DuBro wheels as I think they look better. I also painted the interior of the cabin. I'll probably also use the dummy cylinders from the Herr Cub as well.
Posted by gluemaster | Nov 02, 2010 @ 04:50 PM | 4,127 Views
Well here goes. I guess I'll start this of by saying I probably need to see a psychaitrist or something. I've got this whole Piper Cub addiction going on. It all started with a Herr 1/2A kit that someone had already built that I got for free. The wing was warped and since it was only a three channel plane I had the bright idea to cut the wing in half and remove the dihedral, well at least most of it and then I hacked in a pair if ailerons. Well that one got shoved to the back of the line when I got my H-9 PnP Cub for Christmas a couple of years ago, then I came across a smokin' deal on another H-9 Cub with a Saito 56 on it. That's another story altogether, the Saito thing. Anyway my wife got me a World Models Clipped Wing Cub 48 as an anniversary present. Well last week I won another WM Clipped Wing Cub, this one is the EP version that I had intended to resell but decided to keep it and have fun with it. I'll post the build log here instead of starting a new thread. I'm trying to detail this one out as much as possible so we'll see how it goes. Here are a few pics to get started.