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Posted by Chip01 | Apr 09, 2007 @ 10:47 AM | 4,568 Views
As a youngster I had a McCoy 29 and that was one great engine. But as with many things a life intervined -- I graduated from high school and went on the local university. Graduated from that school too and ended up in the USAF. Did 26 years in the USAF always around fighter bomber aircraft. Know plenty about F-100s, F-4s, F-15s and some about F-16s and even F-35 (also known as JSF - Joint Strike Fighter). After retiring from the USAF and all the kids were grown, I worked in the great American Defense Industry.

I became a Certified Safety Professional and practiced System Safety Engineering, a form of "Systems Engineering." As a consequence I worked for Rockwell International, Lockheed Engineering and Sciences Co, Texas Instruments, Raytheon and finally quit while working for Lockheed-Martin Fort Worth on the Block 60 F-16 and the Joint Strike Fighter.

Now I am content to work around the house and yard and enjoy Radio Control airplanes. I like the four cycle engines but have two cycle engines too. Most enjoyed airplane is a Stick, any version of a Stik is great to me. I am just a plain old sport flyer and yes I do teach others how to fly glow powered aircraft. Not to keen on electrics, just don't sound right to me.

I love the smell of burnt Castor oil so I guess I will never really get into the electrics.