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Posted by 335driver | Oct 17, 2012 @ 07:54 PM | 3,591 Views
Once again, I started building a plane (Arado76) and before finishing start something new. The new one is a slightly blown up version of the small 109.
This one will be 40" WS and powered by an OS 25. I got the plans enlarged at a Kinko's. Started out with the tail feathers as they are the easiest and one can imagine that you have 1/3 the plane done. LOL The wings are going together and I will fit it with some fixed LG. I know warplanes need retracts but this is for fun flying.
I really should try harder to finish one before starting the next one, but I kinda got hung up on the wing mounting on the Arado. I also ordered some new servos (minis) for the Arado and when I received them found them to be a tad too large for the rib spacing. I was going to use 1 on each aileron instead of 1 w/bellcranks and wire pushrods, so another challenge, as a friend would say.
But I will persevere. I have started working on the cowl, which will be blue foam covered with FG.