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Posted by 335driver | Sep 11, 2012 @ 02:39 PM | 3,558 Views
Finally got to maiden my Turbinator-E yesterday. I took it out Sunday hoping to maiden it then. Unfortunately, crap happens and was unable to fly it. Had some radio problems that weren't apparent at home. So back home to resolve issues. Fixed problem, it appears that the receiver has a problem.
Yesterday, back to the field to try again. This time, everything worked as it should and except for excessive aileron throws, all went well. Toned the ailerons down and tried again this time, perfecto !! One more flight on the Turbinator and turned my attention to my Phase3 F-16....another maiden,
two in one day...The F-16 just needed a bit of down trim and I will need to increase aileron throw as the roll rate is rather slow. But other than that, I now have 2 more great flyers.
I have started finishing an old 1/12 scale combat Bf109. I got this from an estate sale. Fuselage was half built and wings framed up but no sheeting on either. Right now, tail feathers are done and covered, wing is done and covered except to CA hinges in. Fuselage work required, install engine, tank and cover and it'll be done.