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Posted by 335driver | Nov 22, 2011 @ 06:49 PM | 3,819 Views
Well, I got 2 more good launches and flights on the 163. Unfortunately, that was all, tried for a 3rd flight and again it
hooked to the left, came off the dolly and broke the prop. Changed the prop and tried again with the same results. As I had no more props, time to put the 163 away for the day. Then, I flew my RCLander Panther jet again, having flown it twice earlier. Third flight was OK but upon landing, it flipped over and broke off the tip tank. Not a big deal, some white glue and the tank will be back on and the Panther will fly again. I don't know about these 3rd flights, maybe my karma is outta sync somewhere in the universe !!!!.
Posted by 335driver | Nov 22, 2011 @ 10:21 AM | 4,422 Views
After many attempts to fly this plane, finally got it into the air.
Used a friend's dolly (James), he used it with an Alfa F-86 & Mig-15, it worked great for two launches but the third time the plane came off the dolly and I broke my last prop. I attempted to build my own dolly and tried it but for some reason would not track straight enough for the plane to take off, so back to the drawing board. James thought that the height of the plane on the dolly wouldn't allow it to rotate to go, so I will make the dolly a little taller and try it again. I am also going to try to ROG just using a bungee cord and see if that'll work. Will post results ASAP.