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Posted by Matt Chester | Sep 22, 2011 @ 06:02 PM | 3,181 Views
Just got done building and flying my new Gaui 330x.

Here are some pictures of different points through the build. The build was very simple and straight forward with one exception. If the manual mentioned it, I missed it, but make sure you pay attention to the motor mount plates, there is a up and a down to them although they are not marked and look as if it would not matter. What happens if they are upside down is the motor must be mounted with the motor leads exiting perpendicular to the arm and thus the wiring is not as easy to deal with or as clean looking. Not disaterous, but its worth the extra look to make sure you get them all right.

The 330 flies very well straight out of the box with no mods. I managed to melt a semi circle in the trailing edge of one of the props with my soldering iron yet even without balancing the props or the motors the 330 will almost sit still in one spot during a hover while in hover mode.

I am having one issue with the quad dipping to one side when under an induced Yaw via Rudder. Trying to iron that out. I will post up what I find to be the problem.

I built it as instructed per the manual and added the heli style landing gear, which works very well. Its also a Gaui product. Everything else is "out of the box stock".