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Posted by Spidious | Aug 20, 2008 @ 09:06 PM | 6,136 Views
Well changed the settings in the camera and the Swift. the camera filming looks better. But the settings in the Swift are way worse. I had it set at 1500 head speed and 1900 at full throttle. But as you can see, when it is given full throttle it really sounded bad and caused a very sever yaw. I will take the settings on the Swift back to what I had.
But in the video you can see me flying ! Finally did nose in flight. And did pretty darn good !
Behind me you can see where I work. Peter B's Automotive in Urbana, IL. And the large field I can fly in !

Spidious Swift 16 flight 8-20-2008 (7 min 3 sec)

2:27 Grass clipping Oops
2:38 Full throttle
2:48 Full throttle
3:16 Nose in
3:59 Nose in
4:41 Nose in
5:29 Full throttle
5:59 Nose in
6:34 Touch down safely !

I did notice that the battery was hardly even discharged running almost 6 minutes at 1500 rpm. But I think I will sick to the 1800 rpm, has better tail control and transition to 1900 at full throttle it stays locked in and not the sound and adverse turning.
Posted by Spidious | Aug 17, 2008 @ 10:04 PM | 7,087 Views
Well somebody on the forum asked about buying my Spiderman painted Ikarus ECO8 set up.
It got me to thinking of what I had in it...
I think if somebody were willing to offer me a good price. Keeping in mind that I would sell it complete even the nihm and nicad batteries. I think it would do a lot better on lipos . So the shipping would run about $60, and I would cover the rest if the offer is good enough.
Trying to remember what all I have in it so here goes.
Custom Gaui woody blades
Red aluminum head
Red aluminum small arms on head
Red aluminum blade grip arms
Aluminum swash guide plate
Red aluminum swash plate
Blue aluminum frame support
Blue aluminum upper bearing support
Red aluminum frame
Carbon Fiber tail boom
Red aluminum tail pitch slider yellow large modified paddles
Swift flybar modification
Ikarus Jet Ranger Fuselage
Custom Spiderman paint job ?
T-Rex skids
"Z"20a 1500 motor
T-Rex flybar controller
Custom LED lights
Castle CC45 ESC
AR7000 receiver
Hitec 85BB servos x3
Red Polo digital tail servo
Futaba GY401 Gyro
Blue aluminum tail blade holders
Carbon fiber frames

At last total I had over $1500 tied up in it !

I flew about a few weeks ago, and it still flew good. Below are some of the latest pictures of it. Yes that is dust on the body. I am really having a lot of fun with my new Swift ! The black circles at the top rear were some exhaust ports I had on and knocked of carrying it outside... Duh, never did fix...Continue Reading