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Posted by DustyPockets | Mar 23, 2011 @ 06:30 PM | 4,003 Views
Longtime client of mine called and wanted me to build them a Chicken Coop. She was raised on a farm, her family raised chickens commercially and just wanted to have a few layers for family and friends.

Turning out to be a pretty darn nice chicken coop. 10'x20' run on the side, coyotes are too thick to have them free range. Dutch door for the main door and 3 small doors on the side for the laying box.

Her chicks arrive Thursday and will be inside for a few weeks before being placed in the coop.

By the time you figure the cost of the building and feed I figure about $10.00 an egg for the next couple of years, hope they are good!
Posted by DustyPockets | Mar 20, 2011 @ 07:38 PM | 4,217 Views
Picked up a 5x8 utility trailer last week for hauling material, mower and such. Decent little trailer made by Teske with a folding ramp and pretty well made for what it is. I have a 16' flatbed trailer but it is way more than I need for most things.

Got to thinking this morning it would make a nice plane hauler. At first I considered just a tarp and bungie cords for a cover but after a quick trip to Harbor Freight I found a 4x6 net cargo cover. Just right..... I have to stretch it nice and tight.

Just came across a 2006 Enclosed 5x8 Haulmark for $1100.00 on Craiglists, Kind of wishing I waited on the utility trailer now.......