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Posted by DustyPockets | Oct 28, 2010 @ 10:42 PM | 5,627 Views
Our local hobby shop picks up a few box damaged items from Tower (We have named the shop.... scratch n dent).

But that all works out well enough for me. Picked up a Multiplex TwinStar radio ready for $75.00. It is brushed but I was quite pleased with how well it flew with the stock motors. I will upgrade it to brushless over the winter but I plan on flying it stock for the few flyable days left this season.

The TwinStar is designed to be a belly lander but I decided to add landing gear. Sprayed it with some Olive drab with a little Kahki on the side, I kind of like it.
Posted by DustyPockets | Oct 10, 2010 @ 03:32 PM | 4,429 Views
A few Sundays ago I had some errands to run in Monticello Illinois. Pulling on to the Interstate I noticed a sign that said RC Show today, I drove about half way down the lane to the field and did not notice anything in the air so I decided to turn around and head home. Back on the Interstate I could see the field as I drove by along with a jet climbing out of a cloud of smoke. I turned around at the next exit and made my way back. The field is only a couple of years old and very nice, large hanger with bi-fold doors, big runway and lots of covered tables. I imagine they have plans for some events there.

First time I have ever seen turbine jets fly and I was plenty impressed. Also had a Electric heli, TRex 700?. The flybys were great, I just love the sound they make. Pilots obviously plenty skilled and they had a lot of confidence in themselves and the gear they were running, at times they were really out there and moving fast.

Kept thinking to myself these guys are probably getting paid for this.....

Jets @ Horizons Field (2 min 37 sec)