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Posted by DustyPockets | Apr 05, 2010 @ 09:23 PM | 5,114 Views
We had a Stryker body laying around the shop. We were going to use it for a project plane, glass it make it fast.... that kind of thing. But we kinda pooped out on it, so instead of fast I decided to go lite.

Added a Emax 2805kv motor with a 6x4, 1300 Mah battery and couple a cheap servos.

Quick and ugly build, balsa elevons, Epp fins, no cover on the guts.

Flys great, light and floaty but can be pretty quick if needed. Flys so well we picked up 3 more bodys from Advantage Hobby tonight for bash around Strykers.

Heck of a lot of fun for $50.00 or so.
Posted by DustyPockets | Apr 03, 2010 @ 10:10 AM | 5,320 Views
My brother and I took a long weekend for a little trout fishing in the Missouri Ozarks. We have been going there for years, usually Bennett Spring for the early trip and sometimes the Current river for a week in the summer. He flew in from San Diego and I picked him up in St Louis for the 2 hour drive down interstate 44.

The water was high as it will be this time of year, running fast and a little green. Fishing was fair but not great, ended up spending most of our time with the spinning rod and a jig. During the summer when the water is lower and gin clear I usually fish a dry fly with my 3wt Echo. Rainbows are usually caught but once in a while we land a brown trout.

Years ago we bought 7 acres near there, I am not sure why but I think beer may have been involved in our decision making. We call it the chigger ranch, why?, well one year we decided to look for the lot corner markers and neglected to use insect repellant..........I scratched for days after that, chiggers are nasty little buggers.