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Posted by missle | Apr 22, 2010 @ 12:20 PM | 3,226 Views
Well it's been a superb day off of work. Started by getting my kids off to school and then straight out to the good ol flight field. My son and I were supposed to do our father-son ccoffee this morning at Carribu coffee but he remembered one of his buddies would be at the baby sitter so he put our time on hold till tomorrow
The best thing about our field is that during the week, I generally don't see another pilot/person so I can fly and practice to my hearts content. This is truely the only good thing about working 12hr shifts.
So I've been out here about 3 hours and I believe I've allready had 8 flights of 7 min each. It's such a good thing I've got more than 10 batteries with me (4s 3700 packs). As for charging, I've got a little el-cheapo 900watt generator that I got from Harbor freight for a measly $110. That with my Iota 55a power supply and 3 Shulze chArgers make for almost endless flying.
Well time to get a few more flights in before I make a quick run for lunch.
BTW, I can't figure out how to post pics from my iPhone so I'll post them tonight.