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Posted by 300s | Aug 29, 2007 @ 01:21 PM | 2,250 Views
Current build: GWS T6.

Well jumped straight to the top pf the build as a single prop plane the T6.

(Still Tinkering with):
FlyCat don't like the flexible elevator pushrod supplied so waiting to get a rigid pushrod / connections before this is ready.

Sapac T-34 after a recent repair job after I got it stuck in a tree, and shot it down with a slingshot (I was trying to salvage electrics at least but got away with a salvageable plane). I have decided to put self adhesive film to the wings and have noticed an increase in airspeed!

This plane always struggled to loop even at full speed with stock brushed and even on brushless outrunner TP 2408 - 12 on 2 cell Lipo struggles, I always had to dive before looping. Now with the film on the wings it will go into a loop at 1/2 throttle with the TP 2408 - 12 strange. Also I have noticed landing approaches are longer with it taking longer to drop in height as its keeping its speed up, strange but good never the less.

On with the GWS T-6 build.

Main wing glued together & Ailerons cut, and fibreglassing with 0.75 oz sheet and polyurethane white gloss paint.
Posted by 300s | Aug 29, 2007 @ 12:53 PM | 2,332 Views
Well This will be an introduction to the planes in my Hangar and (planes yet to be built / awaiting parts) As there is two of us fly in the house there is a fair few planes, and I'm running out of space quickly

There is three Spitfires:
Guan Li (bought for me as a gift before anyone starts, I know its clone stuff ),
and a second hand speed 600 Spitfire I am unsure of the make (looks like a Ripmax).

A robbe Gnat,
Sapac T-34,
.40 Precedent high wing trainer,
ThunderTiger Champion 45L,
unknown secondhand bi-plane,
Hobbyzone Supercub,
various cheap 2 channel differential planes,
Flycat (like Lynx XF),
and I've likely left some out.

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