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Posted by Doug Sipprell | Jul 26, 2012 @ 01:35 PM | 7,122 Views
I call it my big red Cadillac. The plane was built by the late Ron Ewing, and I subsequently replaced the original Jeti Phaser brushless inrunner and ESC system with an E-flite Power 32 and Venom 60A ESC. Three channel, flys like a dream (sort of like a big Caddy going down I-95 to Florida), on a 11x7 wood prop (from my glow fuel days), pulling electrons from a 4000mAh 4S Lipo. Previously use an 8 sub-C NiMH pack, weighing in at one pound. New Lipo is the same weight, but MUCH more powerful.

And, yes, it will fly inverted, just takes a heap of down elevator while upside down. Ron built very good planes, nice to keep him in mind while flying my Big Red Cadillac.

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Posted by Doug Sipprell | Jul 24, 2012 @ 07:23 PM | 6,902 Views
Well, it had to happen. I got bit by the mini EDF bug, in the form of E-flite's UMX MiG 15 EDF jet. Had my eye on this plane for some time, then got to actually fly another club member's UMX MiG 15. That sealed the deal.

So, another micro to the ever growing Micro Fleet. Learning now about alternate batteries, as the included E-flite 200 2S 25C pack is marginal at best. So, will be looking at the MiniAviation 300 2S and Thunder Power's 325 2S 65C packs. Probably will look at what Hyperion has to offer, as I have had good luck with the 1S 240 25C's for some time now, being used in the HZ Champ, UM P-51 Mustang, UM T28 Trojan, and the UM J-3 Cub. Stay tuned, it's another learning experience, and IMHO, a great way to get into EDF's.


Update 08/02/12: Mini Aviation 2S 300mAh 30C Lipo packs (4) arrived. They fit the Mini MiG perfectly, and I was able to go to neutral trim on the elevator, as the packs weighed in at 16 grams, as compared to 13 grams for the original E-flite 200mAh 25C 2S Lipo, and 24 grams for the E-flite 300mAh 2S 35C Lipo. For the record, the 200mAh 2S Lipo supplied with the plane is barely adequate to get a good 3 minute flight. Initial flights with the Mini Aviation 300's were limited to 4 minutes so as to not overwork the new packs. Once there has been a few chrge/discharge cycles, I would expect these Mini Aviation 300 packs to provide for 5 minute flights. The plane is also now being flown without landing gear. Saved 3 grams weight there, and it makes belly landings easier. More as it happens.

Update 09/20/12: Thunder Power 2S 325mAh 65C packs from RCBabble are clearly the best I have used thus far. Breaking in the Lipos carefully, should be able to milk 6 minute flights, with throttle management. Of course, it's almost impossible to NOT fly the Mini MiG at WOT. What a hoot. Great model. Working up the cajones to fly the MiG from my own Aerodrome, now that some of the trees have