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Posted by Doug Sipprell | Apr 21, 2008 @ 09:11 PM | 13,305 Views
I built this kit some time ago and never got all that enamoured with it after the build. It was difficult to hand launch, and taking off from our grass runway was always an effort. Swapped out the original 7.2V Speed 400 brushed motor for a 6V motor, to gain more RPM. Olympus gearbox was 4:1 if I remember correctly. Damaged one of the aileron linkages trying a hand launch. The plane languished on display, no flights for many months, maybe even a year or so. Then, based on my success with the E-flite 480 brushless outrunner upgrade to my Ferias #2, I decided to do the same for the X250. Both planes weigh about the same, and a B/L 480 outrunner is a significant jump in power compared to a brushed Speed 400 motor. Had to fabricate a composite firewall to keep weight down, as the new motor is heavier than the original motor with gearbox. Also guessed at how much down and right thrust I would need. Maiden flight with new power set up (E-flite 480, Jeti 30A Advance ESC, 9x7.5E APC prop, TP 3S 2100 LiPo pack) proved there was sufficient power for ROG's. Still having a problem with the aileron arrangment, the mechanical differential built in may be part of the hassle with getting the plane to do a decent aileron roll. Probably more me than the plane. I will try no differential and see what happens. The thrust angles apparently were close on, no need to major trim changes to get the plane to fly staight.

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