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Posted by Doug Sipprell | Oct 09, 2006 @ 06:19 PM | 13,439 Views
I recently purchased the T-Hawk 3Ch RFT Trainer system, for use at our flying field when teaching new flyers. Nice package, transmitters are 72 Mhz based, and the "trainer" T-Hawk has a longer boom for more stable flight. The boom is also carbon fiber versus the standard and shorter fiberglass tube boom.

In experiementing with the two transmitters, connected via the included buddy cord, I noticed the following:

1.) Both Instructor and Student transmitter/consoles MUST have batteries in them. One console does NOT power the other.

2.) The student transmitter MUST be turned ON.

3.) The Instructor transmitter MUST have the same channel as the plane's
receiver, common sense dictates this, and the only way the student
transmitter/console can "communicate" with the plane is through the
Instructor's console, on the frequency or channel installed on the
instructor's console.

3.) If there is a crystal installed in the Student transmitter/console, the
transmitter will be transmitting on that channel, regardless of the position
of the trainer switch on the Instructor's transmitter/console. Therefore,
if the Student transmitter is on a different channel (frequency), and common
sense dictates it should be, than there is the real possibility of the
Student transmitter causing interference with another plane, and both the
student and the instructor would not be aware of this.

4.) If the crystal is removed from the Student transmitter,...Continue Reading