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Posted by Doug Sipprell | Aug 09, 2006 @ 04:08 PM | 14,454 Views
In addition to being an Elfi enthusiast, I also have had an on-going interest with the T-Hawk, from . I have two of these planes now, one is essentially stock, with original 27 Mhz electronics. The other is a highly modified T-Hawk (hereafter referred to as T-Hawk #2) which, among other modifications, has a Mega 16/15/5 brushless installed and 72 Mhz electronics.

Much of the chatter, banter, general info swapping about the T-Hawk is scattered over many posts, in several threads, across more than one forum. So, for interests sake, here is a compilation of the links that I have on record concerning the T-Hawk. I make no claim as to the chronological order of these links. I simply went by the last numbers in the address. Hope other T-Hawk fliers can find some interest in or help with these links:

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Posted by Doug Sipprell | Aug 08, 2006 @ 03:17 PM | 14,353 Views
Elfi #3 (my own nomenclature, not that of the manufacturer) is up and flying well. New PJS 3D 550 Brushless Outrunner does a real fine job of hauling Elfi #3 around the skys. The wing design of the Elfi works well, IMHO, for thermalling, and I have had this plane waaaay up there, almost a speck in the sky. TP 1320 3S1P ProLite seems to be the perfect power source thus far. The pack fits easily in the plane and delivers more power than the former 3S1P 1500 Kokams. In defense of the Kokams, the TP's are a more recent LiPo design, that being the ProLites, and thus pack a little more power. As with Elfi's #1 and #2, Elfi #3 makes use of a Jeti 18-3P Advance ESC. Nice to have an on/off switch, a real safety luxury for me, and the controllers can be externally programmed.

This Elfi getting a fair amount of flying time now, but Elfi #2 also gets some decent time in the air. Elfi #1 not flown as much, but when it does fly, it flys VERY WELL. Wish there were a few other Elfi flyers in this area, but I seem to be the only one. Great plane, what Park flying is all about, even if I do fly my Elfi's waaaay out there and waaaay UP there. Seriously considering a How High Altimeter for Elfi #3. This device works well in my Tiger Moth.