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Posted by Doug Sipprell | Jul 19, 2006 @ 10:15 AM | 13,838 Views
Well, folks, finally had to do it. The stock 280 motor and original 3 blade 9x6 prop just would not cut it with a 2S1P Lipo. I used to fly Elfi's #1 and #2 on 8 cell AA or AAA 500 and 720 NiMH's, but they would cook in the process. Hard to believe I orginally started out with 7 cell 350 NiCads! Most of my NiMH inventory is fairly well "used up", and LiPo's now power almost every plane in the fleet. A 3S1P would burn up a Speed 280 or Speed 300 fairly quick. Elfi's #1 and #2 had at one time been fitted with Speed 300's, and with the 720 NiMH packs did fairly well. Elfi #3 has struggled every since I got it and started flying her. Burned up my last brushed motor three weeks ago. 1320 TP 3S1P ProLite was just too much, even though it fit the plane beautifully.

So, Elfi #3 leaves her brushed motor roots and joins her fellow Elfi's in the fleet with a PJS 550 brushless outrunner, powered by the 1320 TP 3S1P ProLite LiPo pack. Amazing transformation. Will post a picture when I get back to the Aerodrome (presently on business travel).

With this "upgrade", Elfi #3 becomes almost (but not quite) a twin of Elfi #1. New motor is slightly more powerful than the PJS 500 on Elfi #1 and #1 will continue to use the Kokam 1500 3S1P and 2S1P packs while they last. Then, the TP 1320 3S1P will become standard issue for Elfi's #1 and #3.

And what does Elfi #2 sport as a power train? A little more suds, in the form of a PJS 550R powered by a TP 2000 3S1P ProLite. The pack fits like a glove, and Elfi #2 (with ailerons) is definitely the more performance orientated member of the trio.