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Posted by Mr Kamikaze | Sep 13, 2008 @ 08:27 AM | 6,731 Views
I got this in a local hobby shope very cheaply as it was a bit beaten up. I want to slope it and have had 2 unsuccessful attempts. Bit of a project plane, stay tuned.
Posted by Mr Kamikaze | Sep 13, 2008 @ 08:23 AM | 6,377 Views
Wow no pics of this one. They are a great little glider whether off the slope in light to medium conditions or down the local park side arming it. Mine got attacked by a dog at Neptune Park Coogee but kept going. I have to say though after a few months I was a bit over it.
Posted by Mr Kamikaze | Sep 12, 2008 @ 06:08 AM | 6,191 Views
The best plane I have owned to date. I pushed it hard and paid the price more than once. Read some reviews on this plane they are all true.
Some entries from my flight logs:
Man the thing rips up the sky. I was zooming around looping, rolling snapping and stuff amazed at how tight and quick all of the maneuvres were for such a big plane. Then I realised I was on low rates. HOLY CRAP it's mad on high rates. Snap rolls are absolutely blinding and it loops and just about catches its own tail. Maddddd. My favourite thing this arvo was going vertical non stop and rolling all the way up as far as I dared. Talk about unlimited vertical.
Flying like this the KMD absolutely rips holes in the sky. It's fast and agile. Unlimited rolling climbs, flat spins, knife edge spins, blenders, snap rolls, inverted passes all done with ease and looking very scale.
I have to make an effort to try and get a few flights a week on this plane so I can unlock it's and my potential.
Posted by Mr Kamikaze | Sep 12, 2008 @ 06:04 AM | 5,619 Views
My first combat wing. A very good flyer in light through to fairly heavy conditions. HOOKED ON COMBAT!!! Some of the guys reckoned they really wanted to take me out so I made it easier for them by putting my name and a target on it. They still couldn't get me.
Posted by Mr Kamikaze | Sep 12, 2008 @ 05:58 AM | 7,685 Views
These are great looking foamies! And they have a whole range of them. Unfortunately the CG as recommended in the instructions was about 3/4 inch to far back. So the first flight resulted in it pitching straight up, stalling and going in hard. I fixed that and put it up again, but a servo problem saw it go in again. Sheesh! It had more lives than my cat. But when it was flying it went great and looked awesome, I ended up with a 9x6 apc prop on it and it was plenty fast. Oh and they are a PIA in that you have to take the wing off to get to the battery.