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Posted by jakcharles | Mar 21, 2010 @ 07:08 PM | 2,546 Views
Well I went toa warbird flyn at the Madera club filed. Thses are just a few pic's from Saturday. They don't do the planes justice. They are all had gas engines. There were some electric's that had sound machine's of the radial eng and machine guns. All in all it was a great day!!
Posted by jakcharles | Feb 21, 2010 @ 08:31 PM | 3,251 Views
Well I bought a Nitroplanes L-39 when they where on sale for 99.00(Black Friday sale) And had a Rclander Red Cyclone 64mm metal edf laying around so here we go. First the kit is the red pip squeak ARF. I took the stock fan out and replaced it with the Red cyclone fan. Then scuff sanded it a little and applied 3oz fiber glass cloth with Minwax poly acrylic. I then painted the jet similar to Justin Sandes L-39 I saw on youtube. I used testeors enamal paint in the rattel can.

For ESC a I am using a Turnigy 60 amp Plush with built in BEC. Servos are what came with the ARF. For power I am using a Rino 2200 40c 4cell Lipo Barley gets warm after a 5 to 8min flight. The Cyclone fan performs great but needs a high C rating before it really moves out. Plane it self is a very good perfomer.

This is my first Nitroplane but not my last. I haven't radar gunned it yet. But it is faster than my phase 3 F-16 on 3cell with 2200ma 30c Lipo, that I gunned at 96 MPH out of a dive and 89 mph level pass. I know it was a lot of work to glass it and paint it but hey thats the fun of it!!!!! Well then again I like it LOL....
Posted by jakcharles | Sep 08, 2009 @ 03:03 AM | 3,771 Views
Well I decided to put retracts in my Ultrafly fw190. This was a first for me as I am new to putting in retracts. I decided to buy Hobby king Mini air retracts and they are very affordable at $56.00. So as this was my first at cutting into the wing, I followed a few examples from some of the post on here. I have posted a few pic's and a video. I have also installed a bomb drop from Hobby lobby and it works great also. I am still working on a in flight video and hope to have one soon.