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Posted by Dennis Sumner | Mar 20, 2014 @ 07:05 AM | 17,239 Views
RC Throw Gauge

This gauge is made with a few simple parts with Hayes Micro Clamp #104 (Tower LXK854) being the heart of it. This can be assembled in less than an hour with simple scraps. I used some scrap .032 pushrod wire, balsa, long piece of dowel, a clamp on sinker from my fishing tackle box and a small wheel collar. The gauge was done with a cad program and created enough you can make one for your friend at the same time.

I started by cutting a gauge out and traced this onto the balsa or lite ply scrap. I then used a pin to mark the center of the pointer on the balsa scrap. Drill out the balsa or lite ply to accept the dowel, then cut the gauge face out. The hardest part of building the gauge is drilling a hole in the center of the dowel. When that is complete, glue the dowel to the gauge face with the front being flush, then glue the gauge to the balsa.

For the pointer I used scrap .032 wire from some park flyer pushrods. I cut one piece about 3 inches long and another 1 long with a 90 degree bend with the piece that is going through the dowel long enough to extend through and attach a collar. I used thick Zap to glue the wires together then used a piece of heat shrink to cover the joint. I used a small fishing sinker that was a small split lead ball, just use pliers to crimp onto the bottom of your pointer.

Slide the pointer onto your gauge assembly and use a small wheel collar to keep in place.

Drill a undersize hole in the handle of the Hayes micro clamp that can be enlarged to a snug friction fit for the dowel so you can adjust the gauge to 0 when attaching to your control surface.