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Posted by ChrisWNY | Jun 15, 2011 @ 08:32 AM | 6,218 Views
So a couple of weeks ago I was sold on a new Airfield model available through - a T-28 Trojan, Silver "USAF" paint scheme. This model is the same as the "FMS" version, Airfield is really re-branded "FMS" made specifically for NitroPlanes. I decided to go for the "kit-only" version as I had a lot of 9g analog and 17g digital servos on-hand from HobbyKing, as well as a nice 400Kv 50mm x 55mm motor, brand new sitting in a box that was begging to be used to drive a ~0.40 sized scale model.

Here is the product link for the kit-only version of the (silver) T-28:

This particular airframe caught my eye for a couple of reasons: (A) It's size (1400mm/55" wing span) as well as sharp scale appearance, and (B) the kit-only version included the E-Retracts and LED's built-into the fuse, so I didn't have to worry about having to buy these items separately. Additionally, I bailed out of Nitro-gas powered planes this year, selling off the last Nitro-powered plane that I owned about a month ago (a P-51D Mustang), so I wanted another larger-sized warbird to replace the P-51D. I also happen to own a couple of dozen 3S 2200-2600mAh LiPo's, and using that 5055 400Kv motor, I had a good potential airframe for 6S, which allows me to Y-harness those 3S packs in series, I'm all about standardizing where possible.

Here is an overview of the electronics I used (which I already...Continue Reading