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Posted by ChrisWNY | Dec 04, 2008 @ 07:03 AM | 8,465 Views
I'm fortunate to have a professional photographer in my club who generally shows up on Sundays for photographing club members' planes in flight, so I figured I'd keep a collection of photos of my planes in flight within this blog.

Here are some other planes that I own that haven't been photographed in flight yet (I'll add them as soon as the in-flight photos surface)...

* F-27B Stryker (built for speed with a Mega 16/25/4 motor on a 7x7 prop)
* R2Hobbies Electric Pitts (just finished assembling in Dec. 2008)
* Hobby-Lobby Thunderbird EDF with custom Wicked EDF 4800kV motor
* Ballistic Projeti with ARC 38-47-1.5 turn motor (still not completed)
* Splash 3D flying hydro boat with Hacker A30-22S brushless outrunner
* Miss Hanger One flying hydro with LS Purple Peril motor

First things first, my P-51D Mustang.

0.60 sized model P-51D Mustang (Nitroplanes model)
Engine: Saito FA-100 4-stroke
Weight: Approximately 7.5 pounds AUW
Wing span: 67"
Retractable gear
Built: Spring of 2007