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Posted by ChrisWNY | Feb 13, 2007 @ 07:03 PM | 7,975 Views
The Splash 3D was the first foamy that I ever built, and admittedly I was intimidated and hesitant to attempt the build at first. However, after a few minutes of reading and researching others' build logs, I took the plunge and purchased a Splash 3D kit from Ben-Rod. Speaking of where to buy the kits, here is the original Splash 3D thread:

Original Splash 3D Thread

Here is a useful build log by tdearth:

Outline of my Splash 3D Build Log

Step 1 - Deck assembly
Step 2 - Sponson assembly
Step 3 - Tail and Cockpit
Step 3a - Decorating (optional)
Step 4 - Control horns/rods
Step 5 - Electronics
Step 6 - Repair

This is my SECOND Splash 3D build; after building the first one, I figured I'd build the 2nd as efficiently and as lightly as possible. The materials I am using for the build are as follows:

* Sumo Glue (that's right, I'm using Sumo Glue exclusively for this build)

Additional Building Supplies Recommended:
* 3M Masking Tape
* Toothpicks
* Extra c/f flatbar
* Extra music wire (can be purchased at almost any hobby shop)
* Wax Paper
* A flat piece of scrap OSB or Plywood to act as a table top

Step 1 - Deck Assembly

Glue the deck pieces, including the inner sponsons. Run a fine bead of glue along the inner side of the tabbed areas of the deck pieces, then fit the pieces in so that the glue is forced upward toward the BOTTOM of the deck (the side with the carbon spar...Continue Reading