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Posted by Rob02Aggie | Apr 15, 2007 @ 06:01 PM | 2,551 Views
Being new to RC, I purchased Realflight G3 late last year. I found a Stryker custom model and started flying. Shortly after I bought an F27 stryker body and began building my first plane. I wound my own Go Brushless motor and then took a break for a while. I didn't really like the way I had mounted the motor and just didn't have the time. I got ahold of Don at StrongRCMotors and he helped me get my motor mounted how I wanted. The mount worked perfect by the way - Don was a big help too!

I finally finished the plane and had the maiden flight this weekend. One word - AWESOME. Well two words... SUCCESS. Notice the word crash did not appear. The Stryker flew great! I was so excited. Unfortunately there was no one else there to see it. The wife was too busy.

Here is my setup:
Go Brushless GBX with 17 turns of 26 gage wire
GWS 7x3.5 Prop
JETI Advance Plus 12 Amp ESC
Thunder power 3S 1320 LIPO
Futaba R146ip RX
Futaba 6EXAS TX

Not a ton of power but probably perfect for a beginner. I flew at pretty much full throttle the entire flight. It was great, I was doing loops, barrel rolls, figure 8's, flew upside down. I was pretty happy with my first flight.

Next steps....more flight time....eventually more power.....paint.

I would also like to mention two things:
1. Realflight G3.5 was well worth it. Just getting familiar with the controls made a huge difference. I highly recommend it (or another sim) before trying the real thing.
2. I have seen several people recommend against a Stryker as a first plane. I however highly recommend it if you have something like Realflight. But go slow like I did - too much power could have ruined the day.

I think I am officially hooked on RC!