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Posted by mantraguy | Dec 14, 2006 @ 11:58 AM | 3,502 Views
First plane!

In November 2006 I bought my first "plane" - a Zagi 60, following advice from a friend. I also bought a Futaba 7CHP transmitter, since I figured I may as well get good stuff right from the start.

Building the Zagi was fun, and fairly quick. But it proved difficult to launch, and after I was finally able to get it in the air it became obvious that the Zagi 60, with it's 60" wing span and a small pusher 400 motor powering a 5x5 prop, was extremely underpowered. A few guys at a local field offered to trim it out for me, and in doing so admitted that it was a rather difficult plane to keep airborne. It needs a good amount of speed to keep from stalling, and the available power is barely adequate to supply that speed - let alone getting any sort of altitude. Orientation is also difficult to see when it's at a reasonable distance.

The Beaver

So, after doing a bit more searching in the forums and talking to a few local guys, I bought a GWS Beaver kit from the local hobby store. It came with a 350 motor and "C" gearing, and I had a few servos, receiver and other parts on the way so I started researching build modifications that I could incorporate into my plane. I've stiffened up the landing gear, installed a steer-able tailwheel (connected to the rudder), filled the stock battery hatch, and strenghtened the wing and elevator by way of a carbon rod along the LE of the wing, and bamboo / card on the elevator. Cowl is attached with...Continue Reading