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Posted by IPal | Aug 08, 2007 @ 04:39 PM | 9,195 Views
When I wrote up the Sea King build last year I said tongue in cheek that a Chinook would be nice. A recent spell of enforced convalescence gave me the chance for a few experiments. It is still not quite fully sorted but, as you can see from the short video clip on the Toolbox, it does have potential. The Chinook is built around 2 standard Picoos on a twisted 1/32 balsa box girder. I toyed with modding 2 transmitters on different frequencies to give fore/aft pitch control but experiments with 2 Picoos on the same frequency taped together nose to nose on a lolly stick showed that I could keep it simple. They are bog standard mechanics apart from longer carbon shafts with 3 bearings on each. The front rotor is offset 10 degrees to counteract the torque and the single tailrotor is used to steer it. The basic mechanics flew very well so I carved a Chinook body from blue foam to go around it using the same principles as the Sea King. There is still some development work to do but I'm very encouraged by the result.

I'll publish more details in a week or so after the hols.
Posted by IPal | Oct 31, 2006 @ 06:48 PM | 23,433 Views
Hi all,
Here's my spin on the Picco. Carved from blue Floormate 200 foam. Weight 11 gms - only other mods are ballraces and carbon shaft. Flies a treat. Paint is Tamiya acrylic with computer generated decals using SuperCal. The sharp eyed may spot that the stabiliser is on the wrong side - but so is the tail rotor! Haven't yet figured out how to get the winch to work.

Fully illustrated build sequence now on the PiccoZ Toolbox