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Posted by ron-sand | Nov 03, 2015 @ 02:10 PM | 3,150 Views
After finising a T960 hexacopter for TRKH (use translater from Norwegian I am now building two new SAR Y6 hexacoptes based on the Rctimer Tr-Trooper frame. These builds will include numerous custom made CNC and 3D printed parts; solutions tailored for our SAR needs.

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A few words and a big thanks to our sponsors before we begin:
- KdeDirect has part sponsored motors and ESC's for the project
- Progressive RC has part sponsored two large ICharger charge combos

This and coming posts are loosely cut and edited from our internal TRKH RPAS FB site.

Building Log TRKH RPAS Y6 18. October 2015

There has been many hours of work on the two Y6 machines recently without much multicopters taking shape ..... as there is a lot of work involved building two machines in parallel

Basic spec :
- Trooper Y6 900 mm frame shortened to 750 mm, CFK baseplate, Rctimer alu motor mounts + + +
- KDE3510XF 475kv motors
- KDEXF-UAS55 XF esc's
- Pixhawk FC
- Frsky Taranis radio controller w / L9R rx
- 2-axis gimbal with IR, Zoom and HD camera

There has been a lot of preparation and machining of parts; I have milled the new bottom frames from 2 mm carbon as I do not trust the original...Continue Reading