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Posted by iJustinHale | Dec 14, 2006 @ 04:35 PM | 4,472 Views
Well, here is the Wild Wing I finished building recently.

As an experiment, I glassed both sides of the wing, except for the LE. Then I skipped much of the usual taping. I used clear epoxy to laminate the cloth, 2oz on the top and 5oz on the underside. I also added a transverse spar and replaced the twin fins with a single, box-mounted fin.

The theory is that the glass will stay flatter and smoother than tape, and enhance the overall strength of the wing. But with no glass on the LE or nose, crashes will most of the time be as if there were no glass, just taped EPP.

Once again it was problematic getting the cloth to lie flat while epoxying. I'm still planning to get a rudimentary vacuum system going.

The wing is very stiff, much more so than the standard Wild Wing, and the overall weight is about the same. However, it came out a little tail-heavy. I underestimated how far forward to mount the battery, and it requires a little over 2oz of lead in the nose to balance. We'll probably need that weight, and more, under some proper slope soaring conditions. The weather hasn't allowed any airtime yet.
Posted by iJustinHale | Nov 30, 2006 @ 03:21 PM | 3,638 Views
Well, here is a photo of the Redback EPP I built recently. It flies great compared with what I was used to. There hasn't been much wind lately, so I ended up adding some stripes.