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Posted by scrtsqrl | Oct 07, 2010 @ 02:59 PM | 36,951 Views
My wife owns an embroidery shop. She made me these RCG Shirts.

Thought y'all might want one as well. You can have your RCG "callsign" a.k.a. username embroidered. I think they'd be awesome when you're at club or fly-ins. BTW, she has Jim Bourke's permission to use the RCG "Terry the transmitter" Logo.

Long Sleave T-Shirt

$20 for sizes L and smaller.
$23 for sizes XL and larger.

Golf Shirt:

Shipped to lower 48 States, First Class Mail, she's charging per shirt:
$30 for sizes L and smaller.
$33 for sizes XL and larger.

She'll drop in the mail requests received before Wednesdays on Friday Mornings.
For anyone overseas or faster shipping method, she'll charge whatever extra shipping is incurred.

PayPal (Gift) is the preferred payment method. She'll take checks, snail mail, as well.

Order here:

or PM me or MrsSqrl if you're interested.