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Posted by Hilson87 | Apr 24, 2018 @ 11:00 AM | 2,642 Views
This is by far the most well constructed ARF by any manufacturer I have ever assembled. The quality of the cuts, the quality of balsa selected and all the composite components are just top notch. No other manufacturer has even come close to this level of quality pre-fabrication and i certainly will be making an effort to build more extreme flight planes from here on out.

My objective for this build wasn’t to be the most powerful or to be the lightest or to be anything other than just how i like things to be done. I usually tend to not want my particular model to be exactly just like every other one I see on the flight line so i spend just a little extra time making that happen with adding little details here and there and also trying to select different components where i can.

I had to drastically change the cooling baffles to fit my motor choice. I added ducting for my ESC. Added a 1” spacer so the pilot looks better ( A friend said that the stock height of the pilot didn’t look right and he was staring at the dash.) after adding the spacer he looks MUCH BETTER!

I had an Idea to save from using a prop adapter included with the NEU 8019 motor which which almost 8oz on its own. By eleminating the need for the giant 18mm adapter i saved the weight and saved even more weight by drilled out motor shaft. See pics below.

Components i chose for my build:

NEU 8019 150kv Motor
Hobbywing 200 V4 ESC
Falcon Electric Carbon fiber 25.5x13
14s 5000mah 60c HD...Continue Reading
Posted by Hilson87 | Oct 07, 2017 @ 01:11 PM | 4,194 Views
Starting off with a proven design for both its precision and 3D capabilities (AJ 60 Laser) I wanted to bring all my ideas to life through lots of sanding, cutting and more sanding. Im an avid fan of the new F3A era style of pattern planes that are getting wider, taller and just overall almost cartoonish proportions of side area. Something about this look really appeals to my imagination and of course I love the way they fly. So I wanted to employ some of these characteristics into what I already know flys well and see just how they affect its capabilities (hopefully for the better!). Im hopeful that these changes will of course make this awsome flying airplane even better and make it more particularly focused and tuned to my particular flying style. Which is precision with what I would call artistic aerobatics with some mild 3D thrown into the mix. Im not a fan of todays high energy style as it all starts to just look like a jumbled up mess of tumbles and snaps with really no finess or appealing lines to break up the madness. Of course this is just my personal taste and everyone has there preferences.

Alterations made so far:

1/2 added height to the canopy
1/2 added height from the end of the canopy increasing to 1 at the start of the vertical fin
1 added width to empennage
1 added to width of rudder
2 added height to vertical fin
Kkeletonized vertical fin
Carbon reinforcements throughout vertical tail
Rudder counter balance removed
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Posted by Hilson87 | Oct 05, 2017 @ 07:35 PM | 3,258 Views
Its no secret that my favorite airplane is AJ Laser. It excels at precision and holding lines nice and true. Id say its as close to a pattern/3D plane as I have flown to date. Having recently lost my previous (2) 60 lasers do to a bad BEC and the second one having he elevator horn come off the splines, I of course knew I would be building (2) more! But this time I wanted to take my knowledge I had gained building and flying them and make them my own.

Over the past 2 airframes I have found the lighter the laser gets the more its incredible flight characteristics come to life.

My original retro schemed Laser was flying on 6s 5000s on a Scorpion 4025 440kv with a 17x10 CF Falcon prop. It flew great but one day I decided to try a 6s 4000 and noticed just how much better it flew. Unfortunately sometime later the castle pro BEC failed and it met its demise.

The second one I decided to do a custom geebee inspired covering scheme as well as bevel and extend the trailing edge surfaces to enhance there effectiveness. I also went with a lighter power system to try and see just how it responded to even further weight savings. I decided on 6s 3300s to cut more weight and was rewarded with an even better flying airplane. The elevator horn came off the spline of the servo (screw backed out somehow) and i only had about 10 flights on it. I was definitely bummed but you have to put it behind you and look towards the future....Continue Reading
Posted by Hilson87 | Feb 10, 2014 @ 06:06 PM | 6,673 Views
A couple months ago when a photo of the Shuttle Pro was released I knew right away that it was a plane I had to have. Especially because it was a pattern Bi-plane I knew I was hooked.

I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to do a review on this
absolutely beautiful airplane.

Ozone Shuttle Pro

Wingspan: 39.7 in
Length: 44.8 in
Wing Area:548.7 sq. in.
Flying Weight: 37oz.
Motor Size: 3536-850kv
Prop: 11x7
Speed Control: 40 Amp Brushless
Recommended Batter: 3s 2200
-All EPO Foam
-Carbon Fiber Reinforced throughout
-No glue Required

Upon opening the box everything was extremely well packed and double boxed for extra protection. The wings being in a one box and the fuse, landing gear etc. in another. All the parts were perfectly straight with no signs of warping or damage what so ever. Also I noticed that most of the hardware like control horns, cowl magnets and all attachment points for everything was pre-installed at the factory making for a very quick build. Also the Landing gear comes completely assembled from the factory, axles, wheel collars, wheels and wheel pants come out of the box ready to bolt on the fuse.

It comes with a 3536 850kv 3 cell motor and 40amp speed control with a 3 amp 5v BEC. The prop that you receive in the kit is a Gemfan 11x7E.

It also comes with (4) 9gram servos pre-installed with all servo extensions needed to reach the hatch where you can install your choice of receiver.

Being a pattern pilot I'm especially picky about...Continue Reading