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Posted by CARIMALI | Oct 12, 2006 @ 05:34 PM | 2,870 Views
To date I have owned 2 Gas boats (a cheapy from China and a top of the line with a Zen) and now how to admit that you can still get a "big bang on only a few bucks". I know there is a lot of differing opinions and that you certainly cant bet a good Zenoah motor, but a lot of people can not afford to spend that sort of money especially on their first boat. So I would like to hear other opinions on these Chinese boats, preferably from those that have actually owned one!
Attached pics are of my last purchase.
Key good points:
-good quality hardware
-solid hull
-reliable motor easy to set up (starts on first pull every time!)
-built in clutch
-hull design handles rough water very well
-can be easily upgraded to tuned pipe or larger motor etc

Bad points:
-decals aren't that great to look at (but could be easily changed)
-flimsy plastic stand (I made a descent wooden one!)
-servos only average quality
-std muffler