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Posted by c2po | Aug 20, 2011 @ 02:05 PM | 15,725 Views
Another project is more or less finished, shaped into it's final form, and it works quite nicely.
FrSky D8R-II receiver, DFT transmitter module, Arduino Pro Mini, Cat's Whisker LCD.
Displays battery voltage/current with the graphs, consumed energy in mAh, power in watts, and RSSI level graph.
Video shows the main screen, screens can be switched using LCD buttons, there's another screen with RSSI levels, and I will probably add something later.
Binary sketch size is 7680 bytes, source code attached.

Update (08/22/2011): added connection diagram. Also I modified DFT module to have TTL levels instead of RS232, so for original unmodified module line 49 in the FrSkyCW.pde should be:
NewSoftSerial FrSky = NewSoftSerial(FRS_RX_PIN, FRS_TX_PIN, true);
Regarding sensors: for voltage I use simple 1/4 resistor divider (30KOhm/10KOhm), for current I use Allegro ACS715LLCTR-30A sensor breakout board from Pololu.
So as max voltage on D8R receiver inputs is 3.3V - those sensors give me up to 13.2V and 21.0A respectively.

Update (08/27/2011): changes in the code, added proper byte stuffing processing (7D 5D = 7D, 7D 5E = 7E), new version attached.

FrSky Telemetry (0 min 36 sec)

Posted by c2po | Aug 20, 2011 @ 02:27 AM | 8,262 Views
Finally... after endless wiring, rewiring, disassembling, desoldering, relocating stuff, assembling and rewiring it again and again - finally I'm more or less satisfied with the result. Now I just need to crash-test it.
Both Kinjal frame and CopterControl board truly are masterpieces each in their own league, and together they are just wonderful.
Bluetooth full flight telemetry and setup, and FrSky voltage/current telemetry are just adding nice final touch.

And although SeismicCWave said in the main thread that CC is not plug and play - it kinda is, really.
I just plugged it in with almost all default settings (well, except setting config to QuadX and calibrating the radio) and it just flies so well that it's hovering very stable hands off even in the Rate mode!

Kudos to OpenPilot guys, they definitely know what they are doing, thank you!