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Posted by burkefj | Nov 22, 2016 @ 11:28 AM | 743 Views
I've finished and released my latest rc rocket glider kit, this is the simplest I can make construction and lightest weight given the components and still keeping a wing loading of around 6 oz/sq foot. The wings and tail are styled after the old Estes Dart but with a mid mounted wing. Maiden flights went really well with just about 3-4 clicks of down trim for boost and no added nose/tail weight needed. 11.25oz rtf with 23" wingspan and 38" length, comes with plastic nose cone with canopy/panel lines, pre-cut wing with spar slot cut and elevons installed, body tube slotted for the tail. Takes about 1.5 hours to assemble and install radio equipment.

Flight Video:

Dynasoar Rocketry StratoDart RC rocket glider Kit description and flight (2 min 16 sec)

I've done a complete built video along with a radio installation video:

Dynasoar Rocketry StratoDart RC rocket glider kit assembly (24 min 39 sec)
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Posted by burkefj | Sep 12, 2016 @ 11:23 AM | 2,100 Views
I've been working on/thinking about this one for a while, I found a spare cosmic interceptor kit in my box that wasn't allocated to kits, and put this together. Based on an F-16, of course with a longer nose due to the interceptor cone. I went with a mid mounted wing and full flying tail only. I had to cut off one of the speed brake tabs on one side so that I could slide the wing in the slot, then glued it back in place, then slide the stabilators on and glued on the capture rings to hold them in place. Did some glide tests in the house before equipment install and took a swag at the boost CG. RTF weight came out right at 11.25 ounces before finishing. Did two test flights today in about 10mph winds, handled it really well, and I was able to move the CG back slightly.

I started using some vinyl to do the markings and so far she is coming out pretty nicely. I had to modify the thunderbird scheme slightly since I'm cutting this freehand and the nose being long, I did some nose and mid stripes so the middle wouldn't seem too plain. RTF now she is 11.75 oz. Just waiting for some small stars/bars and lettering.

F-16 Thunderbird RC Rocket Glider (4 min 9 sec)
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Posted by burkefj | Aug 28, 2016 @ 03:27 PM | 2,076 Views
Here is another based on the Cosmic Interceptor but this time styled like a swept wing F-14 tomcat, in pseudo VF-111 Sundowner scheme but with early white control surfaces which helped set off the wing sweep/tail surface detail...

F-14 Tomcat RC Rocket Glider (5 min 46 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Aug 22, 2016 @ 07:01 PM | 1,848 Views
Thought it would be interesting to document all of the different RC Rocket gliders I've made from the Estes Cosmic Intercpetor rocket kit. It's a great platform at a closeout price, the nose cone is neat with molded in panel lines etc. All are 38-40" long, 20-26" wingspans, 11-12.5 oz rtf.

Here you go:

Three versions of Interceptors, wing with elevon controls, cranked delta elevon style, full flying tail style, F-104, F-105, A-12/SR-71, F-4 phantom wing/tail style, F-101, Delta Dart, Valkyrie, Avro Arrow, SST, Pegasus(fantasy), another Interceptor version with lighter weight, X-15-3 Delta Configuration, Arc-Light(fantasy), X-15-3 Delta mid mounted wing, F-14 tomcat....Continue Reading
Posted by burkefj | Aug 22, 2016 @ 04:12 PM | 1,857 Views
Here is another using the F-104 starfighter as the goal and using the Estes Cosmic Interceptor parts...flew really well, decided on a German Navy scheme....

U cut the tail of the body tube to give the right lines and to allow me to inset the rocket motor to help CG. I also moved the wing placement back an inch.

To keep the back end light and keep it simple I just did a light direct servo to the tail surface and routed the servo wire on the side, taped and painted over, instead of trying to do some internal linkage idea...

38" long, 2" diameter, 11.5 ounces ready to fly.

RC F-104 Starfighter rocket glider (5 min 13 sec)
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Posted by burkefj | Aug 14, 2016 @ 02:37 PM | 1,789 Views
Here is another based on the Estes Cosmic Interceptor parts made into something resembling an F-105 thunderchief. I cut the rear of the body tube so mimick the petals of the speed brakes partly open. Full flying tail surfaces only for roll/pitch.


F-105 Thunderchief Rocket Glider flights (3 min 55 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Aug 09, 2016 @ 02:31 AM | 2,817 Views
Here is another rocket glider using the Interceptor nose cone and tubes, but made to look more like an F-101 voodoo. I went with a fixed stub T-tail just for looks and moved the wing back slightly so I could use oversized cutouts in the wing for elevons to keep the control setup simple and keep the weight low. I used pseudo operation sun-run markings with a little artistic license to make it look better(yellow on the tail).

38" long, 24" wingspan, 11 oz rtf....Continue Reading
Posted by burkefj | Aug 01, 2016 @ 10:19 PM | 2,767 Views
And Here's a version a-la delta dart......

Dynasoar Rocketry DeltaDart RC rocket glider kit (6 min 38 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Jul 28, 2016 @ 07:10 PM | 2,429 Views
I was thinking about his when I built the IronHand....concept was to flip the IronHand over(wing on top, intakes on the bottom) and make a new tail and voila, Arrow sort of....In reality I had to modify the wing shape for CG and appearance, and lengthen the intake plates, but it turned out fairly nice homage to the Arrow, and it was quite simple to make kittable.

Dynasoar Rocketry Arrow Rocket glider Kit flight (3 min 10 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Jul 27, 2016 @ 04:19 PM | 2,499 Views
From sketch to Flight test in 6 hours....

Yesterday afternoon, i found I had two spare servos, some extensions and a receiver laying around without a home, I also had two 2" estes white tubes and a coupler. I borrowed an interceptor cone from one of my other models and got to doodling. I basically grabbed an F-4 phantom wing and tail, with some side plates to mimick engine intakes. I used my template for the SST to trim the rear at an angle. Drew it up and did some initial CG calculations, moved the wing foward till the CG was right at the coupler joint since I knew my component/cone/motor weight usually averaged out at that point in the model. Drew it up on a napkin at 3:00. Got home at 5 and started cutting using some of the curved depron 6mm foam sheets I have sitting around, put some carbon in spots to help straighten/stiffen it.

For the wingtips I just cut a V groove and pulled them up and glued them in place after sanding the edges round.

Mounted the wing on the bottom of the tube, installed the tail and motor mount and did some indoor confirmation of the CG location. Installed electronics and had it ready to go by 9pm. Turned out I needed 1/4 ounce of tail weight, so I could have pushed the wing forward just a tad but it's pretty darn close to perfect.

Flew it this morning and it was great. Wing loading is similar to my deltas, boost needed just a hair of down trim, glide was spot on about 1/4" up trim. Really beautiful, nice thick smoke trail this morning with pure blue sky, glide took very little control input for turns, I came on approach at around 100 feet at the end of the runway and it just settled hands off till just before flare. Really nice. I was easily getting over 1 minute glide time in dead air.

I'm calling it IronHand.

38" long, 26" wingspan, 11.5 ounces ready to fly. 5.3 ounce/sq foot wing loading.

Dynasoar Rocketry IronHand RC rocket glider flight (2 min 8 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Jul 22, 2016 @ 12:36 PM | 2,840 Views
Here is another kit prototype rocket glider, using parts from a Cosmic Interceptor rocket kit, inspired by the XB-70 Valkyrie. I used some pre-molded panel lines in the cone to use my rotary cutter to cut slots for the canards, just to keep them straight, since they are lower than center on the nose cone, they angle down slightly but I like the look. Depron wing with turned down tips. Tail surfaces moved forward to clear the elevons. 38" long, 26" wingspan, 11 7/8 oz rtf. In keeping with the nordic theme but avoiding any copyright laws, I'm callign it the Valhalla.

Just a touch of downtrim was needed for vertical boost, glide was very nice with no bad tendencies. Waiting for decals to arrive to finish her up. Also is a video from last weekend in Kent, WA at the raceway with The BEMRC club flying all of my kits plus the bomarc prototype.

Dynasoar Rocketry Valhalla Kit flight (1 min 51 sec)

All Dynasoarrocketry Kits in action, plus a bomarc!! (7 min 57 sec)
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Posted by burkefj | Jul 11, 2016 @ 11:14 PM | 3,325 Views
Here is a kit version of the tube based Interceptor I did, the Interceptor III, a 2" tube based rocket glider styled after the Estes Interceptor kit. 38" long, 24" wingspan, 12 oz rtf.

Dynasoar Rocketry Interceptor III RC Rocket Glider Flights (3 min 3 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Jun 13, 2016 @ 12:41 PM | 3,480 Views
I've been flying my full stack Titan II/DynaSoar for a while, had two flights this weekend.
It was extremely windy, 10mph constant with gusts to 17 or so.

Here is a combined video showing flight 8 first which was nominal and flight 7 afterward.

Flight 8 I pitched the model upwind and then held full up on the glider control to keep the nose up and slow the stack down till ejection of the glider.

Flight 7 is the second flight shown which I did not steer on the way up thinking it would weathervane into the wind, however it went slightly downwind, you can see how it did not eject at apogee and when I determined it was likely in a death dive, I tried to steer it level to minimize damage, it hung there for a second or two then finally ejected and nothing was damaged.

Highpower RC Titan II/Dynasoar flights on H-97 (1 min 3 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Jun 06, 2016 @ 01:10 PM | 3,777 Views
Sunday it was 100 degrees out so stayed indoors for the most part. I've always wanted to do a concorde but never have...so I gave it a shot. I started with the tubes/coupler/cone from the Estes Cosmic Interceptor. For the fuse, I angled the rear of one of the tubes with a cut to simulate the tapered concorde rear. I inset the motor tube at the bottom of the cutout, (Motor tube is right above the wing and even with the TE). I was limited on how much of an angled tail I could leave sticking out the back since my tubing was a set length and I knew I had to have sufficient forward length to avoid adding nose weight. I used two spare 1" wide body tube pieces I had to lengthen the center section 2" and left 3" to the rear of the wing as a compromise. I Joined the two body tube pieces and the two main body tubes using a coupler.

I used the basic wing planform from my Arc-Light kit, I adjusted the front of the wing and wingtip shape and mounted the wing on the bottom of the tube. I knew the added wingtip area would move the CG back about 3/8" which would help cg. I slotted and installed a concord-ish vertical tail which was large enough to give me lateral stability. I added some support gussets in the wing/tube joint to give extra gluing area. The receiver is mounted at the front of the body tube using velcro, and the single cell lipo is mounted just inside the shoulder of the nose cone. I removed the base of the nose cone so I could mount the...Continue Reading
Posted by burkefj | May 20, 2016 @ 05:18 PM | 5,387 Views
I have designed three new rocket gliders that I'm now kitting as well through www.dynasoarrocketry.com.

The first is the Hypersonic, it's based on an X-15-3 Delta wing configuration proposed to push the airframe past mach 7 just before the project was cancelled. Uses 2" tubing and a plastic nose cone, a straight delta wing from depron. 38" long, 20" wingspan and 12.5 oz rtf.

Second is the Arc-Light a little more rakish, based on a 2" tube, this kit uses the nose cone and tubes from the cosmic interceptor rocket kit from estes and ads a lightly cranked delta wing and high t tail and drooped wingtips. Wingspan is 20" and length 38" and weight rtf is 12 oz. Again, a really nice flyer, the video shows it flying in about 9 mph winds and it handles boost and glide really well, hope you like them.

Third is the Pegasus, very similar to the Arc-Light but with a triple swept tail design.

Dynasoar Rocketry Arc-Light RC Rocket Glider Flights (5 min 23 sec)

Dynasoar Rocketry Hypersonic RC Rocket glider kit flights (3 min 54 sec)
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Posted by burkefj | Apr 06, 2016 @ 12:18 AM | 5,271 Views
Here is another one I did a long time ago and wanted to update the shape and plans. I always wanted a sig kobra which had a sort of similar shape/color scheme and I've always liked the F-100 in thunderbird scheme, I decided not to paint it silver and just leave it white to save a bit of weight. I did the vinyl freehand and it's not perfect, but came out looking ok. Added the panel lines and some titanium/silver for the exhaust/afterburner area since this typically shows through on the F-100 even when painted...

Here are some build photos as I went along. Maiden this morning was really nice, just a few clicks of up and a few of left aileron and it was good to go. I'm at about 26% MAC for CG and it is very docile. Very slow high alpha and good loops and rolls. 4:40 flight time with an 800 3s pack, and grayson microjet V-3 and tbird 18 esc and apc 6x4E prop. 16 ounces auw rtf.

Plans as usual are at: http://www.dynasoarrocketry.com/plans.html click on the picture of the plane and there is a little link icon in the bottom right corner, click that and it should download the pdf.

Note that the wing is a c model with a straight trailing edge, if you want a d model you can simply cut the Te perpendicular from the inboard aileron tip to the fuse and enlarge the fuse slot to match. You may be able to move the cg back slightly.

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Posted by burkefj | Feb 16, 2016 @ 07:27 PM | 5,089 Views
I've been flying my Mach 2 rocket glider kit I make quite a bit with pusher motor instead of rocket glider, I've done several versions, german, US and Russian...I've been having a blast, I'm surprised how well it flies, really pretty precise and no bad habits, just a great flying plane....I like the look, sort of Huckebein, sort of mig 15, a little F-86ish....One of my customers did a nice version with a pseudo Eastern Front Winter scheme....

Mach2 RC pusher parkjet flights (4 min 40 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Feb 16, 2016 @ 07:25 PM | 4,978 Views
I did some modifications to my IntR/Ceptor rocket glider kit, getting rid of the horizontal tail surfaces and going with just elevon control on the wing. As such, i was going to retire this original version. However I wound up sticking a pusher motor on it and giving it new life, it is a very nice flyer and looks really good in the air. It's 12 oz rtf and about 42" long and 20" wingspan.

IntR/Ceptor RC pusher parkjet flight (5 min 17 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Feb 16, 2016 @ 06:42 PM | 5,032 Views
Another of my older designs that I had flown as a rocket glider quite a bit, since I've now built a full tube based bomarc missile, I wasn't planning on flying this again, but I decided to pull it off the ceiling, and add an esc and fly it as a pusher to give it some more life. Handled the 10-12 mph winds pretty well, even though the wing is small and it weighs 14 ounces, it still was able to hover, or at least stay in one spot pretty well.

About 48" long, 22" wingspan...

RC Bomarc Missile parkjet Flights (17 min 8 sec)

Posted by burkefj | Feb 03, 2016 @ 12:48 AM | 5,594 Views
Got my old Buran down from the ceiling, did a modification to make the nose look better and pulled out my old electronics and installed a bec-less setup with a single cell lipo directly to the receiver. Re-balanced and got down to 14 oz, here are three flights today, still fat and draggy and but still a nice flyer, for a shuttle. I decided not to add any tail detail just to save tail weight and make it a bit simpler to construct.

RC Space Shuttle Buran Rocket Glider (2 min 14 sec)