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Posted by LDGILLS | Oct 23, 2017 @ 01:59 PM | 1,154 Views
Just wanted a place for my build. Its a Phoenix 2000. Most of this is just pics. I have moved the elevator and rudder servos to rear, mounted under the horizontal stab. I am running arkbird 3.1028 fc n osd. Arkbird antenna tracker, 10,000mah 3s, 3 switchable cameras, arkbird uhf on a 9xr pro. Actually assembling 2 of these, exact set ups. One is for a friend. Using quantum diversity vrx, with 7 turn coil and cp antennas. 1200mw vdtx on the plane, with clover leaf. As you can see, did a few minor mods....like removing the heat shrink from the esc heat sink, to a few major ones. Like all hinged surfaces, and sealed. To the servo relocation....Continue Reading