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Posted by Thomas B | Aug 22, 2012 @ 10:57 AM | 12,085 Views
On a quick trip to Tucson and Davis Monthan AFB for work. Not a lot of spare time, but did manage to visit the Hobby Barn after work yesterday. Interesting combination of old time hobby shop, with a sprinkling of new stuff, plus a little bit of debris from the days when they were a large mail order outfit, back in the day. I note that they no longer have a web presence. Lots of NOS odds and end that you never see any more, like Macs headers and mufflers (for oddball engines)

Interesting models on the ceiling...the big prop C-5 that made a spash years back was there as well as interesting second hand large scale kits like a 1/4 scale Westcraft P-51.

Not many hobby shops have 5-6 Maratuka scale kits sitting on the shelf like this one, though.

If things work out well today I will have an hour or two to visit the Pima County Air Museum on the way to the airport. Have only made it there once before and that was 9 years ago.