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Posted by Thomas B | Jul 26, 2012 @ 02:27 PM | 13,259 Views
About time to do a little blogging. Although I am forever getting distracted, seduced and waylaid by interesting ARF models, I do have a master plan of future scale builds that I WILL get done as time allows. A couple have been completed over the last few years, already.

One thing they have in common is that they have never been done in R/C, or have been done very rarely.

First on the list was the Republic FX-12 Rainbow. I did a micro version (1/72 scale)in foam and depron that was a fine little flyer. It is still alive, but needs a little touch up and TLC after more than 100 flights over the last 6-7 years. To my understanding, this was the first R/C model of this fine looking aircraft.

Next up was the Beriev Be-200. This very handsome turbofan powered seaplane had not been done before in R/C (again, to the best of my knowledge and research). I went with a smallish all balsa model with two 40mm GWS fans and Feigao 12mm inrunners. All up weight was around 20.5 oz. REALLY a nice flying model. Will not in present form quite do an ROW, but it looks like it will if I add some chines of splash rails tot he forward fuse. It will ROW with a push, or a short run on grass from the shore so that it is fast enough to be on step as it reaches the water. Does nice touch and goes in the water as long as you stay on the step.

So, two models down and the rest of the master list to go.

Not yet sure of the exact order, but here is the rest of my current master list of models.
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