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Posted by Major Justice | Nov 12, 2006 @ 11:26 PM | 3,027 Views
I started flying FMS, a free flying model simulator shortly after I started flying model airplanes. FMS is a freeware, so anyone who owns a computer can use it, and download the thousands of free models & landscapes available. After accumulating a large collection of planes, the fastest ones were 200mph-250 top speed. I learned how to make my own planes, and The first 2 unique designs I made topped those speeds. My third design was of the F27 Stryker C, which flies at the simulator speed of 63 m/s, or 140mph. It still seems slower than an actual model airplane. With my 4th attempt, I revised one of my most liked designs the Storm Shadow to become the new speed record holder (To my knowledge).

Storm Shadow GTX [Model for FMS version 2] Created by Adam Justice
Download Now-

To see a picture, go to which is my model reference & download thread, and scroll to the bottom.

This model exceeds speeds of over 500mph, more than 100mph faster than the real world RC model speed record holder. After flying this model, even the 250mph ones seem slow to me. It takes a little practice, and landing it within the strip is hard, but entirely possible.

I'm sure you guys know how to add models to your model folder.
Posted by Major Justice | Oct 10, 2006 @ 02:11 AM | 6,105 Views
I have created this blog to document the process, problems, cost, and experience of re-building my F27C Stryker. It can also serve as a comprehensive guide to your future Stryker re-builds. I was going for cheap, and wound up getting cheap electrics, but expensive aesthetics.

Condition of the Stock Model: I origionally wanted to buy an extra fuselage to have a spare around. I had wrecked the Stryker, but I planned on flying it til' winter. Re-attaching the hatches had made the battery hatch slanted, and the paint was peeling due to the packing tape I pulled off. One tail stab had been damaged by the prop, but it still flew. I had beat up the LIPO pretty good as well, and it wasn't taking a full charge that day. I took it to the airport, and tossed it into the air. After climbing out (quickly) and completing 2 circuits, the plane started diving & moving left. I moved the trim to the far right, and all the way down (full up elevator). The plane started climbing quickly and veered drastically to the right. This at least gave me hope that the problem could be fixxed. I had to center the elevator trim to land it, and I figure I should before I got myself in trouble. Upon inspection I noticed that the bottom of the fuse was warped upwards were I had previously broke it. Fearing the future damage of the LIPO, ESC, & the brushless motor, I grounded it.

Origional Plan: I had origionally planned to use all the stock parts that I could salvage. When I went to buy a fuse,...Continue Reading