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Posted by B17G Yankee-Lady | Jan 30, 2011 @ 05:18 PM | 9,059 Views
Hello folks, starting a new foamie in a recently known foam-packet paper style + my favorite chrom surface finish.
The datas are 1/12 scale, like always, powered by 2 3548-1100 size outrunners.

The foam parts are cnc hotwire-cutted by my dear friend Korbi Huber from Masterpiece Munich.
Supplied by a centerloaded 4S6000 Lipo turning the 9/6 E prop up to 150 km/h, I hope...
extended building thread at Germanys RC-Platform www.rc-network.de

Hope you will enjoy the stages... this thread will be updated soon...

New pictures about the vacuum pull of the upper fuselage section with cockpits now online.
The hard work on the plugs has paid back today with good results. Already the first pull was successful.

To make the rear section complete another 2 plugs are necessary. A dome and a rear cockpit section.
More pics in the comments.

The cowls are pulled in A/B or C/D version.
Next job to do is the rear cockpitcompartment and the gunturrent
That´s all done, the middle fuse got his chrome coat now...

Wing is nearly completed with the chrome
Stabfin is started to be covered

Flightvideo on YouTube:

http://www.youtube.com/user/KlausF4U.../0/ZObi7amYQkU...Continue Reading
Posted by B17G Yankee-Lady | Nov 21, 2010 @ 03:53 PM | 8,866 Views
One more legendary fighter of WW II in a simple hotwire cnc cut for aircombat.
Extended building thread at Germanys Plattform RC-Network.

Powered by Dymond HQ 3637-1370 on Graupner CamProp 9/6 with 50 A ECS

http://www.rc-network.de/forum/showt...98016:popcorn:...Continue Reading
Posted by B17G Yankee-Lady | Nov 15, 2010 @ 02:26 PM | 8,580 Views
As a great fan of new aircombat models I get from day to day a new prototype delivered from my best cunstructor friends. They have the big advantage of a cnc hot wire cutter.
Last project is the legendary SBD Dauntless.
It´s based on a 3 view drawing of Richard Ferierre http://richard.ferriere.free.fr/3vues/sbd_2_3v.jpg
Setup 3S4400 lipopower on a 3542 1250 outrunner with 9/6 Graupner Camprop. 60 A Controler from DYMOND Smart Series.

The Fuse and the wings are in normal styropor, the elevator is in 4 mm, the rudder in 3 mm balsa.
The whole plane is covered with packing paper....Continue Reading
Posted by B17G Yankee-Lady | Nov 19, 2008 @ 06:17 AM | 11,432 Views
Full fibreglass kit from www.aircombat-fighter.de
Wingspan 1010 mm
Lenght 754 mm
Wingsurface 1950 cm²
Wingload 56g/dm²
Motor Setup: Dymond C3542 -1250 rpm/v
Lipo Flightpower 3S4350mAh
Prop Graupner Folding prop 9/6
Weight 1160g

The Dieter Brandau kit is the Mark 7 high-altitude interceptor version with the straightned wingtips....Continue Reading
Posted by B17G Yankee-Lady | Apr 22, 2008 @ 03:39 PM | 19,876 Views
It was a long time testing multi engined electric WW2 airplanes..but my first successful was the Avro Lancaster made by Aerotech.
Measurment: Wingspan 2680cm, length 160cm weigth 7500g
Powered by 4 Mega 600/20/8 on 4 3S3200 Kokam packs it went do several test flights. But in the End it was lost by RC failure...

I´m sorry but I started documenting my building stages to late ..the Lanc was nearly finished..but nevertheless I have some pics from several stages ......Continue Reading