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Posted by rcgreaves | Mar 04, 2018 @ 09:49 AM | 2,651 Views

A deal on this didn't go through so I primed it white for a fresh look. comes with installed outrunner
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These are boxed up for a sale that never happened


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Taxi tested this week. Needs 2x 4000mah+ 5s lipos for motor power. Turnigy 4000mah 5s would balance perfectly $32 each!!!

Eflite 160 motor 18x8 prop
custom landing gear for oversized prop
Castle Creations HV 85 ESC
2.3 ah rx pack nimh NEW
JR HD power plug
Sullivan HD motor arming plug.

5" DuBro inflatable tundra wheels. $30 value

Hitec HS and BB 1/4 scale servos
APC 18x8 prop

a couple hanger rashes ...crunched balsa..easy fixes.

asking $400
Posted by rcgreaves | Mar 03, 2018 @ 08:52 PM | 2,306 Views
my wifes ride. 16k miles. complete and restored with new tires, chain. Carbs are off today getting detailed.

NADA good is about $3000

Asking $2500

doesn't fly.........kinda...but....no..
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This has some lovely ultra micro gear in it and flies like its on rails. battery needed is a 2s 350mah. Electic bits are from a Tech One indoor 3d plane. I did this for Efest and won a pylon contest with it...wicked fast. ws...maybe 15"

$200 RTF less rx
Posted by rcgreaves | Mar 03, 2018 @ 08:39 PM | 2,398 Views
Very reluctant to post this. This makes an incredible electric on 5s and a 60 size outrunner. I have the 4 aileron kit new in the bag.

Here's the specs etc:


This ARF is discontinued and much sought after. I'll probably try to talk you out of buying it. I have the manual as well.

PO installed a G26 maidened it and put it on a shelf.

Condition is excellent ..zero covering blemishes.

two wing Hitec BB servos included. https://www.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXN586

Battery hatch not shown but included.

Posted by rcgreaves | Mar 03, 2018 @ 08:31 PM | 1,527 Views
Flew this today.

Axi and 45amp esc and 3300mah 3s pack I value at $250 Two JR digital mini servos about $30 each. Video Transmitter FPV camera and display not shown

This plane floats like a kite in todays 15mph winds. Pics are not my best.

A friend bought this from a fellow who from Mankato who designed and cut it. Its capable of carrying a fulls sized camcorder or DSLR..No sweat for a GoPro.

I have a GoPro clone I could adde to the package.

No fpv goggles, I do have a display to add.

$150 with servos only. $500 for everything.
Posted by rcgreaves | Mar 03, 2018 @ 08:19 PM | 1,966 Views
So this is an Ohio Model Products Profile 3D plane, the type of stuff "hucked" by the profile brotherhood etc. Kits are in the $300 range.. lots of carbon tubes. Excellent craftsmanship by the builder. I bought this at a swap meeting. Can decide. My research suggests its a YAK


All radio gear is removed now, airframe only

THere's a problem...and Im serious here.. My dog ate the rudder..no joke... I have the munched bits but the new owner will be scratch building a rudder. No ancillary damage.. spose I could post a pic of the puppy munchied bits.

There's a hanger rash holes in the covering of one aileron . Easy 2-4" circle or decal fix..

Come pick it up in Livingston WI 53554

This Sunday PM I plan to schedule an open shop visit ..several projects available....Continue Reading
Posted by rcgreaves | Mar 03, 2018 @ 07:53 PM | 1,685 Views
Yikes its been 8 years since I've posted here and there are projects shown here that are supposedly under way!!!

Sunday March 11, Im hosting visitors by appointment members of the Platteville Area Modelers Club whomever! This post is to show off some of the stuff I can't see myself transporting to my next gig in Florida.

NOTE: I don't intend to cart these around but rather invite interested parties for a coffee in my garage in Livingston WI USA 53554

First up is a 1/4 scale ...I believe its a 1/4scalee CGM Extra 300 mount is set up for ....well something big...

I purchased this at a MSN club Swap a few years back. Capt Eddie and canopy very very nicely done...

There's some hanger rash on an aileron, the cowl has a tear in the ABS.. There's some cracked balsa sheet on the fuse top, pretty typical place to have this when setting in a cradle etc...

.Wing servos have since been removed...Standard servos were installed by PO...not what I'd use on such an acrobatic ship.

So this is airframe only as is

LPU cash or Paypal. Livingston 53554 my phone 4one 4 964...Continue Reading
Posted by rcgreaves | Jun 13, 2010 @ 11:12 PM | 4,318 Views
While it doesn't look much different than the image at the top of the blog I've put a ton of time into it this week. The wing center bay was reinforced with ply and tapped for bolt on wing attach. I wrestled with the boom attachments and arrived at a method I really like... The fore and aft portions are supported by a short length of foam water heater insulation tube. Two conduit clamps and blind nuts lock the booms in place. I was so so thrilled to have the incidences dial in and the whole thing take on a nice rigid feel. I still need to cover all the open bays and install the wing servos, but the wing is nearly done. My next big challenge is where to locate the elevator and rudder servos. I can make a bay in the h stab or mount them ahead of the Vstab or I could run cables and mount them forward? I may regret adding weight aft of cg the tail moment is 19" now just like the original ST.

Posted by rcgreaves | Apr 04, 2010 @ 09:44 AM | 4,576 Views
I needed to do something other than work last week so I dove into the restoration of my Broken Senior Telemaster. Power in the new version will jump from the lowly 750w Astro 40G to a 2000 watt Eflite 160 outrunner on 10s.

The design challenges have been interesting. See the pics at:


I went back and forth about mounting the booms off the fuse.. glad I revised to the wing mounting, it looks right. Next steps are to convert to a bolt on wing mounting, Servo mounts for the H stab, Motor mounting and the crucial jig up to dial in the empennage mounting to get 2 degrees incidence on the h stab. I hope to be able to carry a heavier video camera or DSLR with confidence.
Posted by rcgreaves | Mar 02, 2010 @ 10:35 PM | 5,037 Views
I didn't properly recharge my transmitter battery and it cost me my favorite plane today. NEVER try to quick charge a NIMH pack. Stupid pilot error!
Posted by rcgreaves | Jan 03, 2010 @ 11:08 PM | 5,558 Views
One of my resolutions for this year of 2010 is to chronicle some of my building and flying fun. The ESKA is a laser cut kit, I believe the designer is a MARCEE member in Minneapolis, St Paul area. Thanks to my friend Tim who gave me the kit as a gift back in about 2005

Here's a link: http://www.electroflying.com/eska.html