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Posted by c0dem0nkey | Jan 05, 2012 @ 02:19 PM | 4,516 Views
I've recently been working on two PSS planes and forgot that I know little about hinging...Oh sure I can get them on but they don't have the sparkle and shine I want to produce.

Live Hinge

The perfect live hinge...how hard could it be. Turns out to be very elusive for me.

My main problem is the kevlar always makes a bump under the glass and I have to do several sessions of sand and fill....which I don't like to do. And putting a layer of kevlar on the whole wing/tail sounds overkill.

Also I always seem to end up with some fuzz on the hinge line. Dang if I could just see a video on this and or what supplies I should by to make this problem go away.

Some one gave me some peel ply but I gotta imagine its going to do the same thing.

CA Hinge

This is simple but rather time consuming and not very pretty.

Tape Hinge

For Foamies and light park flyers...not carbon winged beauties

Goop/Silicone Hinge

I gave up on this after mixed results..had problems doing it and had problems with surviving landings

Frustrated right now about my limited skills and experience.