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Posted by c0dem0nkey | Sep 08, 2010 @ 04:45 PM | 5,350 Views
Ok...I've got a balsa tail, kevlar, fiberglass and epoxy..I'm ready to do this thing.


Well it didn't go perfect...I had some very very light fiber glass on top but it stuck to my mylar (which was waxed...maybe not good enough huh).

I need to get the vacuum thing...something with a pressure cutoff so the wife doesn't complain about sound
Posted by c0dem0nkey | Sep 07, 2010 @ 10:53 PM | 4,746 Views
I've cleared the bench and I'm bound and determined to get the snipe put together..heck the hardest part is the V-tail..wings are already bagged...servos have been bought.

So the problem is I lost part of the tail while moving...DOH!!!!

I think I'm going to try and make some from scratch out of 1/4 balsa..sand down and try and do a kevlar hinge. I don't have a vacuum bag setup so I'm hoping I can do it by putting some sorta pressure on it.

If that falls through..then I can try and make the missing elevator piece out of some light balsa.

Unless there is somebody out there thats got an extra elevator piece...I won't hold my breath..I never see people talking about this plane.
Posted by c0dem0nkey | Sep 06, 2010 @ 10:49 PM | 4,737 Views
I'm pretty much done with the Rotor from Orans build party. I have some thoughts to share on this one..it was frustrating at times and I'm still kicking myself over somethings.

For some crazy reason...I did not check the tail alignment when I glued it on. Why would I not do this....I have no idea. As a result the tail is leaning 5 ~ 10 degrees to the right. MOTHER! Seriously I must have stared and willed it straight for hours. It bothers me a lot and if I wanted to fix it I've thought about cutting the whole tail off 3 inches ahead of the tail on the boom...rotate and epoxy back in place.

Next comes the great paint screw up of summer of 2010. I've dreamed of a metallic orange rotor since I got involved in this project...I had high hopes for airbrushing some mixed orange and gold airbrush paint from michaels.

First paint job..after hours of filling and priming and sanding..goes on perfect...it was beautiful...it sparkled in the sun...everything I wanted. I clear coated it with Rustoluem crystal clear enamel. Then I started handling it...the paint was so soft it just came off with hardly a scratch...MOTHER!

So I decided I would sand it all down and do it again..this time with some automotive clear coat...purchased for 25 dollars..did a test with this stuff..super hard.


Start painting metallic orange again..this time in a hot hot garage. Everything is looking good...BUT it is going on heavy or not drying......Continue Reading
Posted by c0dem0nkey | Sep 04, 2010 @ 06:47 PM | 4,172 Views
Details to come but...The Rotor from Orans build party is 95% done.