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Posted by ecase | Dec 06, 2009 @ 10:50 AM | 2,989 Views
On Christmas Day of 2005, my brother-in-law, JP, asked if I wanted to go to a local park and watch him fly a new plane he built. The Christmas festivities were winding down and I said "sure, why not". Well, years and many dollars later, here I am. Addicted. JP is into the hobby big time. He builds large planes, some well over 100" wing span. I counted 15 small, park flyers, 5 helis and 3 large planes in his garage one day. I am not that addicted, but addicted none the less.
I have decided to stay with the planes that I can throw in the truck at a moments notice, so I am staying with the park flyers.
Here is a run down,
EasyStar-I have had four. It was my first plane and I still fly it often.
Cessna 182-My first plane with ailerons, great plane, I have had two.
Katana Mini-Bought it used from a guy and only flown it twice (sold it some months ago).
Sting-Ray-I loved this plane but it went to plane heaven out by Grantsville one day. I think that's why I don't fly the Katana much. I don't want to crash that one too.
P47-Its only been up a couple of time too.
CAP 232-Never been off the ground. I won it at an event my first year and JP said it was way beyond my abilities then. Now I have lost interest. I gave it away as a door prize at a local event.
Suhkoi-Great fun to fly if the wind is low.
Slow-Stik-I just finished it in November and haven't flown it much. I have now equipped it with lights for night flying. More info later.
I also have an Alula...Continue Reading