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Posted by eaticus | Jul 31, 2010 @ 11:40 AM | 4,811 Views
Bought this kit several years ago from EAM. There were no instructions that came with the kit. so I am doing some search and creating this blog to keep track of the instructions/build logs.

eZone Article:
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Haldor's Page:
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Posted by eaticus | Jul 25, 2010 @ 11:09 AM | 4,905 Views
I was looking for Tundra style tires for my 72" J-3 Cub. It would be around 5" or 6" to look good. Dubro tires are really nice, But at $25/pr (plus shipping), it cost more than 1/4 of the price of my cheapy Nitroplane ARF. I decided to make my own. I started as a EPP packaging foam for a computer (about 2" thick). I cut it into a 5" donut with a 5/8" dia hole. Mounted on a 3/4" dowel as a mandrill. chuck it in my lath and spin away. I started roughing it with a chisel and finishing it with sand paper. The surface finish is not great. EPP does not cut smooth at all, it created a lot of fuzzies. I then heated with a heat gun over the surface. It smooth out quite a bit (although not great, at 20 ft away, no one can see the fuzzies). I sandwiched I cut a 3/4" dowel 1" long and drill a hole in the center. I cut two 1.25" dia disks from 1/8" birch ply. The EFF donut is then clamped and glued with epoxy between the two ply disks and wooden hub (dowel) with a nut and bolt. Once cured. The EPP is painted with "Liquid" electrical tape. I used up a whole bottle for two wheels (It took several coats to cover the pores of EPP foam).
Posted by eaticus | Jul 01, 2010 @ 11:29 AM | 4,567 Views
Bought this late last year. I started flying on at my lunch break last week. What a fantastic flying airplane! Looks great and flies great.

$50 including shipping! If I remember, it got to my house in 3-days.

Current setup (this is what I have handy):
Motor: Hacker A20-20L
Prop: 11x5.5
ESC: Hacker X-Pro 20A
Battery: Blue-Lipo 40C 3S-2650mah
AUW: ~34oz (from memory)

Maiden flight was done with 3S A123 batteries. Higher Voltage LiPo is much better.
It flies great on 200 watts. Vertical is limited. It will barely hang on the prop at full throttle.

I will try a 300-500 watt setup once I saved some $$.
Well... After 14 flights, I dorked it in... did not have enough airspeed during landing. the airplane stalled about 2 ft from the ground. Looks like I need to carry a little more throttle until touch-down. Broke the landing gear and took out some structure. There is not much structure around the landing gear attachments. Oh well... got the long weekend coming up to fix it!
Posted by eaticus | Jun 02, 2010 @ 09:48 AM | 4,808 Views
Just wanna share!

Maidened my F-86 at my lunch break on 6/1/2010. Got one awesome flight! After the flight I had to sit on the bench for a few minute to get my composure!

With wife and two kids, time has become much more precious. Getting a little stick-time has proven to be very challenging. To maintain my stick-time, I spend a year learning and flying helicopters. I can say, I am pretty confident flying helicopters (no 3Ds). But helis are just not the same… I need my jets!

This is my first foamy edf. Personally, I have only flown fairly large fiberglass jets (glow and EDF) until now (unless you count the foamy pusher Ultrafly BAe Hawk as a jet ). I have never been a fond of foamy jets. But I think this one definitely changed my mind.

The wind was blowing around 5 mph. The first hand-launch did not go well. It bounced off the ground before I can get my thumb on the stick. Nothing was really damaged. I busted up in laughter because it made a huge splash belly-flopping in the water-soaked ground. The second launch was done with some up-trim (big THANK YOU to the person that made the suggestion!). Just that little bit of up-trim allowed me to get on the stick. The field I flew at was on 4 baseball fields (800 ft x 400 ft) surrounded by 50 ft tall trees with batting cages as added challenges. The little F-86 is not fast, but it sure covers the grounds really quickly. I had to be on my thumbs to ensure I do not go out of bounds. Although the flight was short, I am sure...Continue Reading
Posted by eaticus | May 26, 2010 @ 10:23 AM | 6,014 Views
Bought the e-starter 4+ years ago to teach my son how to fly. This week, it finally got a new coat; No more flying around naked!

I did the masking and my sons and I brushed with acrylic paint from Walmart (~$1 per bottle) and top it with a coat of Mod Podge.

Motor: TowerPro 2408-21
ESC: TowerPro 18A
Battery: Various (8.4V MiMH 1400mah, 2S Lipo, 3S TP 2100, 2S 18650, 3S A123 18650
Radio: 72mHz removed from an ESky Co-Axial Heli...
Servo: 9g Draganfly