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Posted by RCPtero | Jul 22, 2012 @ 11:26 AM | 4,019 Views
Yet another project for me to work. I'm starting a "plans" build of a P-61 Black Widow night fighter from a set of Ziroli plans my GF bought for me. She is also paying for the wood order I placed through Balsa USA. This is about $200 worth of wood. I bought "seconds" for the sheet stock and saved about $100 on the order. The wood all looks pretty good. There are some color changes, a crack or two on a couple of sheets near the end, a few rough edges, and maybe one sheet with a defect in the middle that could impact strength. However, for the amount it saved by buying seconds, I can easily go buy a piece at the LHS to replace anything I can't use. And since it will be glassed and painted, the discoloration isn't an issue. (Besides, I'm a woodworker and like some character in my wood!)

I don't expect this to be a fast moving project, but hope to chip away at it from time to time and will post updates as I go. I wouldn't be surprised to see this build take over a year to get complete.