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Posted by Fyrcap59 | Aug 05, 2007 @ 10:50 AM | 2,845 Views
My P-38 "went in" yesterday. I lost an engine while I was executing a missed approach (in other words, the worst possible time!) to avoid some sprinklers that had just come on.

All she wanted to do was turn left. It took too long for me to figure out what was going on, otherwise I might have tried chopping the throttle and hoping for a reset, but being so close to the ground and with such little airspeed, I might not have been able to pull that off either.

I was pushing about a 7 1/2 minute flight, some of which had been pretty high throttle. I've been told I should disable my low voltage cut-off. If this is true, I wonder why E-flite hasn't mentioned it in their manual?

Got the whole thing on video!


Despite the way she pretty much disintegrated on impact, I am happy to say that with the help of my handy CA and kicker, she is back in the air, with very minor scars, and probably stronger than she was before.
Posted by Fyrcap59 | May 25, 2007 @ 01:22 PM | 4,290 Views
Here are some pictures of my SE5A before it's untimely demise last month.

I have since built another one, with only a couple of cosmetic changes, which I tried to maiden yesterday.

While there was very little wind at my place, by the time I got out to the field, it was blowing pretty good, I'd say 5-8 mph.
She left the ground without giving it any thought, climbing out in a lazy left hand turn. I took her up to a pretty good altitude, since I wanted some room to trim her out. I was feeling pretty good about it!
Then came the realization...all she would do for me was that same lazy left hand turn! I would straighten her out to come back towards me, and as much as I would fight, she would always end up swooping off to the left again, travelling with the wind, and getting further and further away.
I must have looked like a fisherman trying to land a record Marlin out there, trying to reel that blasted airplane back in! She eventually passed over Daniels ponding basin, with me having little say in which direction she was going, so I cut the power, got her level, and let her settle to the ground.
She came to rest upright, pretty much in the middle of International Ave. By the time I got in my truck and drove over there, a nice couple in a Chevy Suburban had stopped, picked it up, and put it in their back seat. "It was just sitting there in the middle of the road" they said.
I figure I got off light, with a broken wing strut, a bent rudder, and a floppy horizonal stabilizer.
All the repairs are already done, but I think I might reinforce the horizontal stabilizer with a carbon rod before I try to fly her again.
Posted by Fyrcap59 | May 24, 2007 @ 01:13 AM | 3,378 Views
Ok guys,
With all due respect to Brian's Web page, (CVPF.Net) I've been hoping we could put something together that we could all post on, give reports on recent flying get togethers, progress reports on airplane builds, descriptions of our latest and most spectacular crashes...
I don't know, maybe this is it?
Let me know what you think. Post a hello! Of course, first I have to figure out how to invite you guys here...so we'll see how that goes.