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Posted by ducatirdr | Jul 31, 2009 @ 06:55 PM | 7,947 Views
I had a crash with my E-Flite Beaver that was a real cause for concern. I was flying along great and then lost all control of the plane. With DSM2 and a JR9303 DSM TX I thought loss of control were a thing of the past. But I learned that my mistakes can add up and lead to a crash.

First mistake

I used a battery that had been in a minor crash. Sure it held voltage but it would react under load differently than a healthy battery. Flying with this battery and a ESC BEC driving 6 servo's and a 9ch DSM2 RX = brown out

Second mistake

Not binding my TX to RX after setting up the plane. You can see what the fail-safe location of your servos are in on a DSM2 RX when you first turn on/plug in the battery to the RX. For a second the servos go into their fail-safe mode and then the TX takes over. Well in my case the servo for the flap and aileron were still at Gear and AUX1. That's full throw.

Third mistake

After crashing I didn't know that I could read the led light on my RX to tell me if I experienced a brown out. While I know what happened it would have been nice to have actual proof.

I rebuilt my Beaver and flew it today with new batteries. It actually looked and flew great. When it first hit the ground I wanted to toss it in a barrel but now you'd never know it was in a wreck.
Posted by ducatirdr | Jul 21, 2009 @ 05:35 PM | 7,997 Views
Here are my recent additions to the fleet.

The Citabria is a great slow SLOW flyer that is relaxing when the sun is setting.

The Walkera 4#3B is the ideal small room flyer. Great for nose in practice during the winter.

The Sukhoi is a new addition.