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Posted by fairplane | Nov 11, 2010 @ 06:50 PM | 6,224 Views
Thought I should update my blog. I have more planes and helis but have flown less this year than any other! The weather was either raining, too windy or I was too busy. Thankfully I started flying CP helis- which I really thought I never would! Whenever I flew on the sim I just ended up crashing so I figured I was condemned to fixed pitch. But after many discussions with heli pilots in our club I took the plunge and bought a Blade SR -which now has 85 flights (because I could fly in my yard, at the lake, in the park) and only one mishap when the tail motor died! So bitten now by the heli bug I have gone and purchased a used Trex 500- which I hopefully will be able to fly next year- weather permitting. Plus I have numerous plane projects to complete- the number 1 being an electric Neptune to fly at the lake next year. So wish me luck to find time and energy- and motivation!