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Posted by fairplane | Nov 23, 2009 @ 07:11 PM | 6,819 Views
So here I am 5 years later and technology improvements have proven to be a downfall for me. With all the new micro technology and spread spektrum at affordable prices it is getting harder to just say NO! Our club decided last winter to try indoor flying so I began surfing the forums to find the best indoor plane. The only one that had no negatives was the Parkzone Vapor. I thought it was damn ugly but the masses said this was the one. So $200 later I pulled out this so called excuse for a plane with its saraan wrap skin and toothpick like structure and figured I'd been had. I tried to fly it in my 12x12 furniture filled rooms and was disappointed i couldn't fly it inside! Although I crashed it a hundred times without breaking anything! So I took it to work where there was more room and what do you know- awesome! This thing could fly so slow and precise or could fly faster by moving the wing forward. The 2 guys with Vapors at our flies seemed to get the most airtime as you could fly 25 min on a MCX battery. I take my Vapor to the lake and on nice calm nights we go for a walk together around the trailer park. And we always have to stop and explain what makes this thing fly! I was never interested in Helis, but flying the vapor wasn't enough so I had to buy a CX2, and then a MCX. Then Parkzone came out with their 4 ch ultra micro Sukhoi, and then the MSR-which I had to have and then the Mustang P51d-aaaagh will it ever end! Now they have come out with the 4 site and a twin heli and and and and it seems to never end! How will I ever survive. One plane at a time-one plane at a time!
Posted by fairplane | Nov 03, 2009 @ 09:36 PM | 7,054 Views
Never having blogged before I thought I would post something for those who have inquiring minds! I'm not sure when my addiction started as I started building and flying when I was about 8 years old- progressing from plastic static models to HO scale trains and on to hand control flight with the ever popular cox .049. I found balsa to be a good medium as you could crash , reglue with 5 min epoxy and fly again. It was a challenge to find ways to take off by yourself- when there was no-one to hand launch for you. Radio control was a distant dream as startup in the hobby in the 70's was like $1000 bucks and as a result I never did try any further. Until one day my wife and I bought a house right across from the hobby store. I was 35 years old. I managed NOT to get sucked into the store until I was 43- and this was just a fluke. The hobby store owner was having a garage sale and there was a lanier seabird-flying boat, complete with AM Kraft radio system for $80. I looked at it and decided I didn't have the time so I forgot about it for the rest of the day until we went for drinks that night at our local pub. I told my wife about what I had found and she said "why didn't you buy it? Are you going to miss $80?" So as it was only around 6pm on a Fri eve and was within walking distance I decided I would go and see if it was still there> It was! And now the tail was broke so I offered the owner $60- which he accepted and the rest is history-I have been addicted ever since. more to come later