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Posted by wmcneal | Dec 25, 2009 @ 05:23 PM | 9,337 Views
This is a kit that I won in a raffle last summer at the Gateway RC Club of Jacksonville's first annual electric fly in and clinic. I just got around to building it.
It has a 50" wing span, 40" length, Turnigy 4250-700 motor, 60amp Turnigy Plush ESC, and will turn a 12x6 prop initially, until I see how it flies. It weighs about 71ozs with the 4100Mah 4s battery installed. With the 400 square inch wing, that is going to be about 25oz/sqft wing loading. That seems kind of heavy to me, but we'll see tomorrow on the maiden flight.

With gusty north winds and the temperature hovering around 45 degrees F, I took it out to the park, installed the battery, and carried it out onto the soccer field. I lined it up into the wind and pushed the throttle stick to full. It accelerated, rolled about 30 feet and lifted itself into the air.
I took it up to about 200' and trimmed it out. I did some nice turns and tested the power; more than enough to go straight up! After about 5 minutes I could barely feel my bare fingers so I decided to land. (nothing like trying to fly in your refrigerator) I made a right hand pattern and brought it into the wind throttled back to idle and made a nice landing on the grass. With that I called it a day and came home to warm up.
I need to dial some expo into the elevator and adjust the ailerons to center the trim, but overall I am very pleased with it's performance.

video of the one Hobby-Lobby sells>> http://s3.amazonaws.com/hobbylobbyvideo/GR9398-T28.wmv
Posted by wmcneal | Dec 22, 2009 @ 12:47 PM | 9,442 Views
I finally finished my Crop Duster. It's an Embraer 201 Ipanema. 38" wing span and 27" long. Powered by the standard tower pro 2408-21 on 3s 1300Mah lipo swinging an 8x4 GWS prop. I put three flights on it this morning. This plane is completely scratch built from plans found in this thread. https://www.rcgroups.com/forums/show...ht=crop+duster
The plans are in post number 1.

I also finally got some Trexler 3" inflatable wheels to put on my Supercub. Makes landing a bit bouncy, but these Tundra Tires really make it unique.
Posted by wmcneal | Dec 05, 2009 @ 07:56 PM | 7,319 Views
Just us turkeys flying our gliders with some hawks on a windy day at the park.

Flying gliders at the park, with some birds, on a windy day (3 min 49 sec)