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Posted by wmcneal | Mar 28, 2009 @ 10:34 PM | 5,938 Views
The weather has been so bad the last few weekends that I've been stuck working in the hanger. Here are my latest on the bench. The Great planes Eagle 580 is a fantastic ARF. Everything fit perfectly and the directions are very clear and easy to follow. I am just waiting on the receiver I just ordered to finish it. I installed the recommended .32 Rimfire motor. Can't wait to fly this one!
Yes, I am an Embry-Riddle graduate. Class of 1987, Daytona Beach campus. B.S. in Aeronautical Studies majoring in aircraft maintenance.

The F-22 is built from the Tomhe plans. They can be found at rc.tomhe.net/f-22 and parkjets.com. You can also buy a kit from 6mmflyrc.com. I still need to do the graphics on it, but I have flown it without the paint. Its hard to see as a white plane. Its going to be even harder to see on a cloudy day with this gray paint scheme.
It has the 2212-6 V2 parkjet motor on 3 cells 2250mah li-po. It is not really fast, but it will climb straight vertically and turn on a dime with the faux thrust vectoring.
Posted by wmcneal | Mar 20, 2009 @ 09:03 PM | 5,532 Views
I am posting this video to my blog to remind me to try this one day. It appears that the builder used the radio and motors off of an Aero Ace and installed them onto a flying wing. Then powered it all with 8 solar cells arranged across the top of the wing.